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    From the Main menu > "Name/Account" > Dashboard > Profile > Contact Details

    That shows you do not have a Mobile Number for me. Quite correct as I don't have a mobile phone...

    Click Edit, page is asking for a "Telephone Number". I provide one only to be told it's not a valid Mobile number. I know it isn't - I don't have one... (but it is a perfectly valid land-line number). You should also note that the page cannot be submitted unless both entries are valid (non-blank).

    Bit of a problem there, no? You're asking for something I can't provide and are refusing to accept the only viable alternative I can provide!

    To compound the problem you're currently using the email address I originally provided to nPower. That email address was created for, and only ever issued to, nPower (it's a unique address). You are, obviously, not nPower and therefore you too should have a unique email address created for your use alone. Unfortunately I can't provide one because of the problem(s) with the 'phone number described above.

    Suggested solution - have both land-line and mobile number entries (possibly with a "Preferred" radio button by each, if both are provided).

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    I emailed support earlier today (with the exact same message I posted above) and had a reply within a fairly short time.

    The phone number issue is now being looked into. Apparently the account did have my landline number but wasn't displaying it (blank field) and wouldn't accept it if I re-entered it.

    Oddly, when the support person looked into my account it was showing the new email address (from when I registered and set up the account) but it was showing me the old, imported, nPower one which was still in use yesterday (meter reading confirmation).

    Basically the issues have been addressed though the phone number entry does still need some attention by the site designers.

    Moral - any problems email as they do respond promptly and courteously.

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    So happy you got the help you needed. I've also spoken to our tech guys and the phone number issue is something that can be fixed to give you the option of using a mobile or landline number. This should be sorted in the next 2 weeks. Hat
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    It's now about 10 weeks since the last update and the fix that was promised still isn't available. There is still only one contact number field displayed and it will only accept mobile numbers. Will it ever be addressed?