EON engineer created a leak

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    Has anyone had to deal with similar situation?

    I reported a specific leak in HIU through the webchat. An EON engineer came to my flat to fix it. He struggled to remove the white rack that covers the HIU and while pushing, he created a leak above the HIU and cold water started to leak a lot. He put a temporary fix and told me he would come back to change the piece.

    He recognised his responsibility in front of me and that he had to come back to fix it. Later, his manager told him that EON is not responsible for the leaks outside the HIU and that he couldn't come back to fix it.

    This is unacceptable behaviour. Now the so-called engineer claims that the leak was already there, although I have evidence from the webchat transcript that I reported only one leak inside the HIU. If they were another such big leak I would have reported it too...

    It's basically my words against his but it shows how little consideration and professionalism EON has. Their engineer create a leak and just run away now. He was probably put under pressure by his manager as they know that I have no much evidence to prove his responsability.

    What kind of fraud is EON to behave like that? Anyone had to deal with such situation?

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    @eldn This really concerns me and I would like the opportunity to investigate this for you - would you be able to pop me a private message with your account details.

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