What are you watching at the moment?

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    With this year putting most of our social plans in the bin, the TV has become our new best friend of 2020.

    There have been some amazing dramas and mini series, as well as the return of some our favourites over the last couple of months. I can't tell you how happy I was to see The Great British Bake Off return, then Strictly come dancing and this weekend, I'm a Celebrity and The Crown (how good is Gillian Anderson?!)

    I've also had some good binge time - Normal People, Unorthodox and I watched all of The Queens Gambit on Saturday - I couldn't switch it off. Have you seen it? The story, the music, the costumes, make up, locations...visually it was stunning, and I don't even like chess!

    So what's been your winner of the year? What could you not stop talking about/thinking about after you watched it? (Connell's chain maybe!)

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    I know I am late to a party but my favourite show is Euphoria, I honestly can't tell how amazing this show is from the starting to the end. I can relate to it in so many different ways. Its an actual masterpiece.
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    Hey @mishaladem8,

    Welcome to the community! What is Euphoria about? I haven't heard of that one 👀

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    Season 4 of Stranger Things.I must say what started out as quite a decent teen/ish series has now in season 4 turned into an absolute banging series that has left me feeling like an exorcism maybe required very soon. The actor’s and actresses have grown into some of the most talented young actors/esse’s around.
    Millie Bobby Brown has to be one of the best young actresses to have hit the screen in a very long time and ( I won’t include any spoilers to the series) her portrayal of Eleven is outstanding (can fully understand why she got the lead in the movie Enola Holmes.
    Theres also great moments from Wynona Ryder and David Harbour.

    So if you’ve heard of Stranger Thing’s but have never watched it I would fully recommend it.
    Also on my current watchlist is
    Awaiting release(10 days approx ) of finale of Better Call Seoul (Breaking Bad Spin off).

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    @mishaladem8 I find Euphoria an amazing series, yes is based on teenagers but like you said, it touches on so many different topics that it is truly a great show. Also, Zendaya is just amazing in the role she has performed !
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    Hey @sidsmatejohn 👋

    Stranger Things isn't really my thing but my Husband is a fan. Do you think there needs to be a season 5, my Husband says yes but I'm not really sure where else they could go with it?