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    As with every diverse community, there is always a mixture of opinions, knowledge as well as understanding - that’s what makes it such a great place to be! To make sure everyone gets the most out of our Community and feels good doing it, we’ve created some values below on how to be an awesome, positive member. So, take a read and then go for it!

    E.ON Next Community
    We love having you all here in the Community and really hope you find some great advice and help from our other amazing members. As a community team, our main role here is keeping things ticking over, everyone safe and getting involved in some great conversations! We know many of you will have specific queries about your accounts and we want to keep your personal details safe so please don't post them here.

    Saying thanks goes a long way
    It's lovely when members help each other here in our Community - and it's just as nice to say thanks when they do. Show some gratitude to helpful members, as it makes them feel great. You can reply with a thank you, use the Like button to show appreciation and if you get an answer that solves your problem, use the ‘Thank’s! That helped’ button!

    The community is a public website, so be careful
    We want to make sure you’re always safe online, especially when discussing personal & private stuff. This community is publicly accessible, so only share information here you would be happy to share publicly in the real world. Be safe and secure online.

    Be kind, respectful and supportive
    We’re really proud that this community is a lovely place to spend time and chat with others - that’s because of all of you!
    We all have bad days and sometimes that makes us a bit crabby with others, but always think to yourself that there is someone else on the other side of what you say. Treat members here like you’d treat your friends in real life. That counts for the community team too.

    It's a family-friendly community
    We want everyone to be able to use our community, so if you’re writing something, think to yourself “would this make it into a 12A movie?” If not, probably best to leave it out . This also goes for talking about anything illegal, obviously!

    If you’re in a specific section or discussion, try to stay on topic
    There are a few different areas of the community, each with a different theme:

    • Sustainable Future is where you want to head for everything solar, heat pumps, boilers etc. It's also the place for energy saving tips and tricks!
    • Need help or support, or want to help others? Head to the Help & Support.
    • Suggestions or feedback can be popped on Have Your Say. We’d love to hear about it!
    • Conversation Corner is the place to go for anything else; sports, TV, hobbies and more.

    Just a heads up 🤓 if you’re on another member’s discussion thread, try to stick to that topic they want to talk about. You can always create your own thread too it’s a great way to be heard and get the conversation started. If you need help starting a thread give us a shout or check out our handy how to guides in Getting Started!

    One post is normally enough
    If you’re offering feedback, asking for help or just want to chat, you’ll only need one post for each thing you want to talk about. Creating dozens of posts about the same thing just to try and get our attention can be quite distracting for other members. If your post doesn’t appear immediately, it could be a moderation queue waiting for approval. Don’t worry, once it’s approved you’ll see it shared with the Community, there’s no need to post again (as that one will join the same queue!).

    Be cool, don’t spam
    We’re all here for the right reasons, let’s not ruin that with posts trying to advertise, sell or visit dodgy websites - simple as that!

    We want to ensure that the community is safe and fair for everyone…
    We all work hard to ensure everyone feels respected and supported while using the community, and keep that positive energy flowing. If a member or group is disrupting your experience without a genuine reason, you can report this to the community team quickly and easily by clicking the 3 dots on the post. Don’t worry about a thing, we’ll take it from there. If you get a message from the team about your behaviour, please try to work with us, as all we want to do is make this a positive place for everyone.

    We are super excited to get to know you and see you around on the Community.
    Have fun, stay safe,

    The Community Team 🌈
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    Thanks for the guidance👍
    Sometimes I need to return and review it because being human, I need reminding🙄
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    @Landmark - I think we all do from time to time. Hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year. 😊
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