how to change tariff when logged in on your account



Having spent 1 hour plus on the phone before being disconnected ! I'm somewhat frustrated!! I have signed up to Eon Next today and have an online account now - it appears i have no option once logged into my account to select or change my tariff. I rang up and as an example whilst on the call the handler selected me a tariff (which is not the one i wanted) to show me but then agreed there appears to be no way of managing this when i log into my account!!

Crazy as i i don't want to be on the phone to them if i find a better tariff and should in theory be able to manage this online myself and whilst my tariff when logged in is displayed there are no arrows or links to click on to be able to amend this. Even using the help function it says renew your tariff online but when clicked on takes me back to my account summary but there is again no option to change or switch or amend !!

Help please! what a frustrating day