The Wallbox - our smallest fast charger for your EV

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    It's that time again for some EV Content, this time we're talking about our EV Wallbox Charger. A couple of threads that are related are below, just around my personal experience with an EV and then one about the EV Tariff.

    My life with an EV -

    EV Tariff - (is there a newer thread on this?)

    What's a Wallbox you ask?

    The Wallbox is our smallest EV charger, it's sleek with a matte finish. It comes with a built in cable and has a neat holder mounted on your wall and is very compact. You can choose what length you need this cable to be, upto 25 metres is the max on the initial quote, ask your surveyor if you would like more.

    We went for a slightly longer than needed cable, just allows us alot more freedom when it comes to charging the car.

    The Wallbox is also compatible with our EV Tariff. The charger offers 7.4kw charging which you can fully charge your EV at any point of the day, best to charge over night if you have one of the above tariffs.

    There is an app you can download for ease of charging and is even compatible with Alexa or Google assist, which enables you to go hands free. For me it's being able to schedule the charging time, which is a massive plus for me with the app.

    You also receive a 3 year warranty on the device.

    Why get one?

    For me if you've read my EV Vehicle 5 months in, added above. You'll know that in my experience the public charging can be challenging at times. Having one at home has made a huge difference, especially knowing if the battery is low, we can head home and charge overnight without the worry of 'are the chargers working' 'will there be space' that kind of thing.

    You can see on the app the chargers in use etc, however from leaving the location to turning up, things can happen.

    How can it be installed?

    There is a team of designated experts who will be able to take you through everything with regards to the install. Part of the quotation process is a video call where the surveyor will take photos of various things relevant to the install.

    • Both meters if applicable - Checking the pipes that run into the gas meter.
    • Water stopcock - This is to check how the gas is grounded.
    • Fuse box.
    • A Picture of where you would like the charger installed.

    My fuse box needed an isolator fitting, you would just need to contact your Energy Provider to have this arranged. My surveyor advised they would sort on the day, so something worth double checking on your survey.

    Fast charging devices represent 7kW to 22kW source: Residential charge points: minimum technical specification Report August 2023 -

    The Voice activation/control and scheduled charging could be achieved using the Wallbox App. The Wallbox app is available through the Apple or Android store. IOS requires iOS 15.0 or later and Android requires Android 8 or later. Geographic and eligibility restrictions apply.

    More on the Wallbox Plus' features.

    We talked about some of these above however, here's a summary

    • Professional installation - Our team will handle the installation, making the process effortless and swift.
    • Compact and light - The Front plate is smaller than a piece of A4 size paper, it will sit discreetly on your wall. Dimensions: 198 x 201 x 99mm. Weight 1.3kg.
    • 7.4kWh output - A standard home plug only has a 2.4kWh output, which means you're able to charge your car around three times faster using a Wallbox charger.
    • 3-year warranty - Wallbox Pulsar Max comes with a robust 3-year product and workmanship warranty, underlining our confidence in its quality.
    • Type 2 socket - Our charger is compatible with most cars, ensuring flexibility and convenience
    • App control: - Manage your charger with ease using Wallbox’s user friendly app, accessible via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
    • Compatible with Next Drive tariff:
    • Save money on overnight charging with smart scheduling on. Lower-priced 100% renewable electricity, 9.5p per kWh, when you charge between 12 and 7am. -
    • Ultra fast advanced CPU - High processing speeds and future proof software, built in-house specifically for charging.
    • Weather and dust protection - Perfect for indoor or outdoor installation with a scratch resistant finish.
    • Halo Light Standby - Activate Halo Light Standby so the light will stay off until you interact with the Wallbox charger.

    Some FAQ's

    What type of cable do I need for a Wallbox EV charger?

    Your Wallbox charger will come with a Type 2 cable. The “Type 2” socket is the Europe-wide, universal socket for charging electric cars. You can charge most types of car from it.

    Are there any grants to help with charger costs?

    Yes - The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is a government team working to support the transition to zero-emission vehicles. They provide a grant of up to £350 (including VAT) towards the cost of buying and installing a home charger. You’re eligible for an EV charger grant if you own or use an electric vehicle, you live in a flat or rent your home and you have your own private off-street parking space.

    Discuss this with your Surveyor, they will initiate everything when it comes to the OZEV grant. You eventually receive a link to complete.

    Do I need to be an E.ON Next customer?

    No - anyone can get a charger quote from us. It doesn't matter who supplies your energy, we can still install a charger for you 😀

    However, if you do want to look into a fixed tariff or the EV tariff Next Drive - click the link -

    What types of EVs can I charge with a Wallbox charger?

    Our fast chargers are compatible with most electric vehicles in the UK. If you want to check if your vehicle is compatible please speak to the team. The most commonly asked vehicle is a Tesla, yes these are compatible.

    That's all from me, feel free to comment, tag away or DM me if you want to discuss anything about the above.

    Have a great day everyone.
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