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    After reading Connors post about it being Mens Mental Health Week, I remembered it is also Carers Week this week, with Carers organisations such as Carers UK trying to achieve recognition and support for unpaid Carers. Having been a full-time unpaid carer for my late mum, I have personal experience of how demanding, exhausting, and yet rewarding being a carer can be. It's not a 9 to 5 job, its 24/7 in a lot of cases, and I just want to say I appreciate the sterling work anyone who is, or has been an unpaid carer does, and express my thanks to any member of the forum who is currently a carer, or has been in the past.

    Unpaid carers are 'unsung heroes', forgotten and virtually ignored by successive Governments of both political persuasions, saving them millions of pounds every year, but receiving very little help. In my opinion Governments take advantage of the fact that carers aren't 'in it for the money', we care/cared for our loved ones out of love.

    For anyone who is a carer, there is help available through local councils, and possibly GP services. Carers UK can point you in the right direction to get some help. It can be rather expensive, but it was worth it for me, because it gave me a short break every day, plus the girls from Age UK, who provided the paid care for two hours a day, split into four individual half hours, were good company especially during Covid lockdowns.

    Thank you again, to anyone who is or has been an unpaid carer, you deserve both gratitude and recognition .👍
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    Well said @Tommysgirl 👍. Without my wonderful sister in law my brother would probably be no longer. As an unpaid carer she has worked miracles and fought tooth and nail to give him as best as possible a 'normal' life. She is definitely an unsung hero in my mind.