Men's mental health week

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    International Men's mental health week -10th - 16th of June this year.

    Did you know? 🤔

    Research indicates that men are less likely to seek help for mental health issues; I'm sure we've all heard the phrases "Men don't cry" and "Man up" - these phrases, along with other things add to the stigma that Men shouldn't talk about their challenges or mental health issues with anyone - be it a doctor or a loved one.

    This week brings hope to break the stigma around Men's mental health, so how do we do this?...

    Well, as a society let's start as we mean to go out with working on these few things:

    • Promote Healthy Masculinity: Redefine masculinity to include qualities such as empathy, emotional intelligence, and vulnerability. Encourage men to embrace a broader understanding of what it means to be masculine.
    • Encourage Open Conversations: Create safe spaces where men can discuss their mental health without fear of judgement. Encourage open dialogue about emotional well-being in schools, workplaces, and communities.
    • Normalise Seeking Help: Reduce the stigma associated with seeking professional mental health support. Promote mental health resources and make them accessible to men from all walks of life.
    • Lead by Example: Encourage public figures, celebrities, and community leaders to share their own experiences with mental health. When men in positions of influence discuss their struggles openly, it helps to break down the stigma.
    • Educate and Raise Awareness: Increase public awareness about the dangers of toxic masculinity and its impact on men's mental health. Advocate for education that challenges harmful stereotypes and promotes mental health literacy.

    I'll be honest and don't mind sharing that I have personal experience in battling with my mental health - and I found that talking it through with my loved ones and colleagues has made a huge impact on my day to day life - with each day only getting better. 😊

    The biggest advice I can give if you are going through the same is, you are not alone - there is always someone there who will lend an ear.

    Mental health support:

    Mind - 0300 102 1234
    Samaritans - 116 123
    Shout - text the word ‘Shout’ to 85258
    NHS mental health services
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    Very kind and brave of you to share your experiences , and I'm glad you're finding each day is getting better.👍

    Having someone, a loved one or a very good friend to talk to and share a laugh with can make a huge difference, as I know from personal experience.😃
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    Thanks for sharing @Connor_EONNext - My dad struggled with his mental health for as long as I can remember along with other conditions too, often people would brush him off and tell him to 'man up' which just made the situation worse as he would then refuse to get help or ask for support when he was struggling - until he was in crisis and then the help had to be forced.

    It's difficult to watch someone go through mental struggles but living it without support I can't even begin to imagine 😔 I'm so glad that men are now stepping forward and saying you know what I'm not doing ok, it shouldn't be a stigma. There's still such a long way to go when it comes to mental health for men but sharing stories that others might see is by far the best start!
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