Changes to your E.ON Next payments, how can we help?

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    Hello Community! 👋

    We understand that as with most aspects of life, your fuel payments can be subject to ever changing circumstances and this can sometimes become overwhelming or stressful when trying to manage your payments. This can also be challenging when changes are made to your account such as direct debits changing and price changes.

    Please be assured that E.ON Next is here to listen and to keep you informed on any changes that may affect the way you manage your account/pay your bills, and to point you in the right direction to receive the correct support and guidance!

    Is how you are making payments suitable for you?

    Here at E.ON Next we have multiple options on how you can pay your bills such as:

    • Fixed Direct debit
    • Fixed Quarterly direct debit
    • Variable Monthly Direct Debit
    • Pay On Receipt Of Bill
    • You can also make payments to your account via your online account or via phone call to make a card payment.

    We also have a wonderful thread on the community here ‘How E.ON Next calculate Direct Debits’ which provides details on the benefits of paying via direct debit and how direct debits are calculated!

    How are direct debit payments calculated?

    We are regulated to ensure that customers are not getting into large amounts of debt. Due to this, when calculating the monthly direct debit we run a “payment adequacy” review on the account. Payment adequacy reviews are run based on a customer usage over the last 12 months using data from the readings provided, the review will also take into account a customers current balance and add a 2 week safety net for when usage may be higher, such as in the winter months.

    If the account has a debit amount, the review will take this into consideration when calculating the monthly direct debit and you may be advised that the direct debit needs to change based on usage and the account balance. This is to ensure we are able to support our customers with getting their account into a healthy position and prevent further debt build up!

    If you would like to read more on how direct debits are calculated, you can visit our blog here ‘How Direct Debits are calculated

    The changes to your payments is affecting your affordability:

    We understand that changes can be difficult and unexpected and we are here to ensure you are receiving the correct support!

    If there has been a change to your payments that you feel is a concern, you can reach out to our energy specialists who will be happy to discuss your account, billing and suitable payment options in line with your affordability! You can find how to contact our energy specialist here ‘How to contact E.ON Next

    Here at E.ON Next, we can set up and discuss suitable payment plans with you, this can be done for customers paying via both Direct Debit and Receipt of Bill. We are able to set up payment plans with a time frame of 18 months. If this is not agreeable, we have further options for understanding your affordability and providing guidance!

    Further budgeting and financial advice:

    If you feel you are unable to discuss a suitable arrangement with our energy specialist for your ongoing payments, we have many options available for you to ensure you are receiving the best possible advice based on your affordability and circumstances!

    • Paylink - We’ve partnered with Paylink, a company who specialises in helping customers to understand and take control of their finances. If you would like to complete a budgeting form with Paylink, please reach out to be referred!
    • E.ON Next Energy Fund - The E.ON Next Energy Fund has been created to help our customers who are experiencing financial hardship and are struggling. You can find out more about the E.ON Next Energy Fund here ✨ E.ON Next Energy Fund we also have a wonderful thread on the Community here ✨E.ON Next Energy Fund
    • Benefits calculator - We've partnered with Inbest so you can check you're not missing out on any benefits you could be entitled to. Find out what benefits you may be entitled to here ✨ Benefits calculator
    • Stepchange - “We have more than 25 years’ experience providing free, expert debt advice. We offer the widest range of practical debt solutions of any provider in the UK.” You can find out more information here ✨ Stepchange ✨ or call on 0800 138 1111.

    Extra support:

    We understand how changes to financial circumstances can have an affect, and we are here to listen and guide you through these changes to receive the best possible support! If you feel you would like to seek further support, you can reach out to the following:

    • Mind - If you feel financial concerns are affecting your mental health, you can reach out to our charity partner Mind here ✨ Mind
    • Reach Out - Reach Out is a company that can offer support and advice with financial and mental well-being! You can find more information here ✨Reach Out
    • Citizens Advice - Citizens advice can offer a wide range of guidance and support! You can find more information on what advice you can receive here ✨Citizens Advice

    Also check out some great threads such as ✨ A helping hand - Extra support with the cost of living✨ or some of the sections on the Community such as ✨ Affordability & Vulnerability ✨ and ✨Account, Billing & Tariffs ✨ to join in discussions with other Community members!

    We want to ensure everyone is able to reach out, discuss and get guidance on any concerns they may be facing! If there is anything you would like to see more of on the Community, please let us know! We value all of your feedback! 🧡
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