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    I have received a request to provide photographic evidence of my FIT meter serial number from e-on. There is no visible number on my meter and I have been told that it is probably on the back. I have been instructed to remove the meter from the wall and take a photograph of the reverse showing the serial number and the current reading. I am not happy about removing the meter to do this because there are signs all over it warning me of the danger of electrocution form the system. I have contacted several professional electricians to do this for me but none will take my request seriously. One even laughed at me and suggested that it was a "wind up" and refused to undertake the task. Has anybody else experienced this problem, and how was it resolved?
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    Just photograph the whole front of the meter and send that. The serial number will be on there somewhere only they aren't usually marked 'serial number'. It certainly won't be on the back!!!

    I'm a professional electrician and I know that meters aren't something an end user will need to 'take off a wall' for any reason.
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    I've taken photographs from all angles and a video of the installation and submitted them all and there is definitely no number of any kind on the meter. The e-on customer service have told me to remove the meter from the wall because the number is "probably" on the back, which I have not been able to do. They are now withholding my payments until the meter is verified.
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    Did you previously have FiT through another company or is this a new installation? If the former, you will have the number somewhere on previous paperwork.

    Can you upload a picture of your meter? That way, we can see what's going on. If it is a much older system, it may be that it's not an 'official meter' with net metered export and a corresponding export MPAN, but a 'deemed generation' system and the meter is there purely for your information. If that is the case, you will need to continue on deemed generation or have your meter replaced.
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    @petportraits is it a FIT account you have or a SEG account? If it's FiT we would ask for a picture of your generation meter.

    If it's SEG then we will ask for your export which will be on your smart meter.

    If you take a clear picture of the meter as well as the reading as @retrotecchie has suggested then we can usually check the serial numbers for you as it should be on there. Is it possible that you have taken a picture of your inverter?
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    (Image removed for data protection)

    The system was installed in 2013 when I was with "npower" showing the meter details and serial number (certificate attached). In October 2019, I transferred my supplier to "Avro" and my FIT account was moved by them to "e-onNext". There is only one FIT meter on my wall and I am also attaching pics of my FIT meter, my isolator and my mains electricity meter. These are the only electric meters I have.

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