April 2024 Highlights!

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    Heyy Everyone! 😊

    With the fourth month now over, it brings us to May. May is the month of expectation, the month of wishes and the month of hope but let’s look back at how April went and what we achieved as a community!

    Eco4 Scheme - Meet Joan and Alex

    We've teamed up with the lovely sustainability team here at E.ON Next to understand the ECO4 Scheme better.

    On the 27th April @Han_EONNext posted
    Meet Joan and Alex - this gives you a run down on how we’re working together with the solutions team to bridge that gap and get you the support and help where needed.

    We also had a fab introduction from the solution team and Rahil will be working closely together with us to make sure we stay on top of our knowledge and fill in any gaps! If you missed it or want to find out more here's the post


    On the 11th April we celebrated world parkinsons day with a fab post from one of our most valued members @WizzyWigg click here World Parkinson to check it out.

    It was also my pleasure to share my Vaisakhi celebrations with you on 14th April. It’s great to know the community is not just a place where we talk about energy but also share each other’s cultures and embrace all our different backgrounds.

    Our Lovely @HelenaP_EONNext shared a post celebrating National Pet day to celebrate the bonds between ourselves and our lovely animal companions!

    Our Planet 🌳

    On the 22nd April we celebrated Earth Day! @HelenaP_EONNext shared the Highlights with the importance of environmental conservation, sustainability and raises awareness on the positive changes we can make to support our wonderful planet!

    Appreciation Post!🎓

    We celebrated the lovely people we have on our community, who make a difference and how lucky we are to have you! A shout out from our lovely @EmmaN_EONNext to our most active members on the forum, showing their dedication, empathy and willingness to support our Eon next community!

    Changing ways to help save

    There's lots of chatter about what we can do this year to help save compared to what we saved last year! We all need a little advice from time to time and if you've missed the post, then definitely check this out Energy advise from the expert
    we had our wonderful EON Next Energy Specialist highlight some of the small changes that we can make to help save energy!

    As always we have lots in the pipe line and are super excited to see what May brings! 😊
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    The Future of energy is Renewable 🍃 So let's work this out together! ✨
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    Morning @Indyk_EONNext Thank you so much for mentioning my mini article reference World Parkinson's Day. I've been amazed at the number of views, and it looks to be still slowly increasing. If only a small percentage of those that viewed found it useful in anyway I'll be a happy lad. 😊 Thank you.
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    Morning @WizzyWigg, Your very welcome 😊 it was a pleasure to have such an informative post on the forum and I'm sure everyone who viewed it found it useful! 🧡