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    Hi, I received confirmation on 25th August 2023 that my application for SEG was complete and an account was all set up for me. Wading through the mire of conflicting statements on the website, Whatsapp "chat", and emails, I was finally told that I could request payments four times a year on supplying a photo of my meter reading. I have done so in March, and despite the terms and conditions specifying that payment would be made within 15 days, I have not received payment. I have contacted people by email and Whatsapp, but I have not received a reply.

    What is going on here? Is this everyone's experience?

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    Hey @chsims1, welcome to the community 👋

    With SEG we tend to pay once a year, usually around the time you receive your agreement, so potentially you can expect an email around August this year. You can however request a payment upto 4 times a year,

    I would suggest just getting a photo of your export reading to us. You can do this by popping a message over on social media or WhatsApp, emailing or calling our solar team direct on 0808 501 5218 lines are open 9am -5pm Mon - Fri (excluding bank holidays).

    To receive payments for SEG we will always need a photo of your total actual export.

    Please pop back and let us know how you get on!
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