Economy Seven Smart Meters

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    At present I heat my home with storage heaters and have an economy seven "complex" meter which I have been told is being phased out and must be replaced with an economy seven smart meter. I have two distribution boxes, one for the storage heaters and one for the other wiring in the house. My present meter gives me day units, night units, and heat units. I am charged the day units during the day and the night units between midnight and seven in the morning. The meter also switches the storage heaters on and off for five hours in the night and gives me a two hour boost in the afternoon, charged at the heat unit rate. The storage heaters rely on the meter to switch them on and off. I am trying to find out how the economy seven smart meter will operate. I appreciate I the storage heaters will only work between midnight and seven in the morning and I will lose the afternoon boost. Will it also do the switching of the storage heaters or do I need to have a timer installed for the storage heater distribution box. Will I also still receive the night rate overnight between midnight and seven o'clock on all the other household appliances such as the washing machine and tumble dryer. I have emailed Eon twice regarding the operation of the economy seven smart meter but received no reply. Has anyone on here had an economy smart meter fitted and can they tell me how it operates.
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    There really isn't an 'economy smart meter' - all are capable of multi rate billing to varying degrees.

    What you ideally want is a 5 terminal smart meter. It has the usual 2 in and 2 out, plus a switched live that goes to your economy 7 distribution board.

    During the off peak times, the switched load will go live and all usage will be logged against the off peak rate.
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    Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply and the useful information.
    I have nothing against having a smart meter fitted but the lack of relative and necessary information from Eon is not helpful.
    Thanks again.