Economy 10 settings?

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    Morning, I had a new meter fitted sometime last year or the year before, and following a conversation with a neighbour recently I’m wondering if my heating is set to be on during on peak times given the difference in cost of our monthly bills!

    The flat I live in, everything is run on electric. The flat has an underfloor circuit heating system with certain rooms connected in the same circuit, as well as a ceiling heating system although I have never ever have had the ceiling on since I’ve lived here as I am aware that this is highly expensive.

    I work from home 4 days out of 5 during the week so I know this will bump up electricity costs a bit with me running a pc and having lights on but I’m assuming this won’t be at an astronomical cost.

    During the colder months when I have had the heating on, and never constantly due to cost, I flick the heating on overnight (I have to do this in a cupboard where the mains are, there are no thermostat controls in the flat) then turn it off again in the morning so I've given the place a boost. My electricity bills have been in the region of £130-140 a month. My neighbour said hers monthly bills are more in the region of £40-50 a month, she keeps her heating ticking over by having 1 room in her flat heated. As added info she doesn't work from home at all during the week, so nothing is really used during the day.

    Does anyone know how I adjust my meter settings so that my heating only ever comes on during off peak times?
    I am going to pop round my neighbour's at some point to have a look at how hers it set up also at some point, but it'd be great to also get any other advice/info and increase my understanding also!
    Thanks in advance.
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    From the photos it looks like a pretty neat and modern set up that should work...

    However, it all depends on what the meter has been configured to do. It should have the switched auxiliary load configured to switch at the economy 10 times. That will then switch the contactor (left hand side of the off peak distribution board) and switch all of those heaters on / off on the schedule.
    Does the contactor switch at all? You'd expect to hear it click on and off and also looks like it's got an indicator on it to show if it's powered. If it's permanently on, then you'd need E.ON to send the ECAUL commands to set the switching times.

    It's hard to know if your bill is too high or not, but your neighbour's seems exceptionally low. They must be on a very good tariff because just the standing charge, fridge freezer, lights and wifi would take you to that before you add heating and hot water (and cooking and washing machine...)