Need to chose a new tariff. Probably one where DD is not mandatory

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    I've been on NextFlex and paying about £738 pa gas & electric. I think I'll be in the ballpark if I chose Next Fixed 12m v10. I don't want to have to pay by direct debit, I want option of making manual payments. Am a pensioner on pension credit. Please comment if you have anything by way of advice. Thanks. P.S. April 1st start.
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    While you say you want the option of manual payments, you need to recognise that not paying by Direct debit means that your prices are higher than they could be., because a lot of customers paying after receipt of bill are in arrears or do not pay their bills at all. The problem is that good customers are penalised for the non payment of others. A typical customer would pay an additional 6.2% above the Direct Debit Prices from April 1 going forward. Your usage is comparatively low and the effect of paying by Direct Debit varies between customers according to consumption variances. If you post the region ( not your full address!!) you are in and your estimated consumption level for both fuels we can work out what the benefit for you would be.

    There are two ways to pay by Direct Debit here at Eon Next (not all suppliers offer this flexibility!!). The most common is fixed monthly direct debit, where your estimated costs are spread over 12 months. The other is variable Direct Debit where you pay your monthly bill, in arrears, by Direct Debit, which a number of people here like. This does mean though, that your bills in the summer will be low and in the winter high.
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    Maybe I should stay with NextFlex. On 1st Aprill prices will drop. It is a variable price contract, with no end date. But fixed price contracts are being recommended, I think. Not a great deal of price difference between the offers.
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