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    I have just had a new smart meter. It's on the default loaded tariff which seems to be E10. However, I can't find out how to view the entire loaded tariff on the smart meter.

    There appear to be a number of issues.

    The IHD shows the E10 off-peak time starting at 1330 for example, but the active register on the meter only swaps from peak to off-peak at 9 min 31 seconds later. This delay happens for every change. I understand there is an offset applied on smart meters but I can't seem to find the official offset displayed anywhere. The only way to find out is to sit and watch the smart meter until the active register changes!

    The daily cost on the IHD seems to be incorrectly calculated using the 1330 time and not the time the registers swap over.

    What happens with my bill? It's all seeming a bit fishy. If I think I am cheap rate at 1330 and start charging my car I am billed at the expensive rate for the first 9 minutes. This is not advertised anywhere on the unit or the paperwork. The IHD even shows me as on the cheap rate at 1330 despite the main meter waiting for the offset time to swap from peak -> off-peak .

    Also I cannot view the whole tariff at once on the smart meter or IHD. I have to stay up to all hours of the night to see each tariff change. The smart IHD v3 is not very smart and only shows the currently active register. It doesn't show a break down of the registers ie day/night or whatever they may be labelled as. My Smets 1 meter could do all these things. The whole set up doesn't seem that open to auditing/keeping an eye on the tariffs loaded.

    I guess I'm not hugely impressed with my foray in to the smart meter world. It started with a previous company trying to fraudulently charge me £1700 after swapping the day night registers. Now I have a new SMETS 2 and I can't easily keep an eye on the figures.
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    Hello @buzzbee - Connor here 👋 I'm sorry to see you are having some issues. When did you have your smart meter fitted? Have you spoken to an Energy Specialist at all? they should be able to check your tariff information for you and can advise on what your E10 times are to help with you with your EV charging 😀
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    Hi, I have. I was advised of the times but not the other points I raised. I have since found out that the times appear to be treated as a fixed GMT time so they slip by one hour in BST. This wasn't advised. My previous smart meter corrected the times with BST.

    There is also a random offset applied to all the times of 9 minutes 31 seconds for my meter. Again none of this is mentioned in any of the FAQ or other parts of the website.

    All this information should not have to be 'found out' by the end user. It should be published and also made available on install of the meter. Even better the meter should have the information displayed correctly in the first place.
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    It's always best to use the Reply With Quote or Reply buttons when responding so that the intended recipient gets made aware of your post. You can also simply put an @ immediately before a forum name to get the same result. I am tagging @Connor_EONNext so that he sees your reply to his post.
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    Hi I have just had a Smart meter fitted and think I have a similar problem with the reversal of import registers 1 &2
    after installation, Having been told by the meter fitter that the Smart meter will only send a full total
    (i.e. not divided by day or night) I decided to send my Day/Night readings manually. I had already been doing that
    before I had the smart meter, after checking (at stupid times of night) when the meter changed import registers. From this
    I worked out that import register 2 was day, and 1 was night. This would be consistent with the readings for import
    register 2 being higher than for 1, and also consistent with me checking diligently when the readings changed for each.
    Great - Super ! But then comes my Smart meter. No problem whatsoever right ? Wrong !
    The same checking revealed that now import register 1 now goes up in the day and import 2 at night - which is not the
    same as before. So if I now submit my readings manually for Day/Night I will have to reverse them, which MAY work -
    but how will submitting a Day reading which will now be much less than my old reading (because I will now have to
    add it to my old night reading) work out ?
    Or a night reading which will now be (much) more ?
    Having read what happened to Buzzbee with swapping registers and being then charged £1700 I obviously don't want it
    to happen to myself obviously.
    Also some Eon websites let you put in one total reading, not split at all, which I am reluctant to do because my credit
    meter definitely has 2 readings. Should I be bothered or just submit one reading then get billed highly because its not
    split into Day/Night ?
    My credit meter is a Secure Liberty 101 although I pay now by variable DD. I told my meter fitter that import 2 was day
    and import 1 was night, it could be he reversed it or the smart meter did it itself.
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    speak to customer services. There is no rationale as to which register is day or night and the new meter has likely enough started with both at zero. So get it sorted right from the off.
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