Have you ever experienced any issues with charging your EV?

I recently had a new E.ON Drive Vestel charger installed by the E.ON Drive Team, which all went pretty smoothly!

All confirmed, booked in and completed within the space of a week.

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They of course were keen to run me through the setting up of the app, how the charging works both via the app as well as using the included Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card which all seems simple enough.

It's still early days and no problems as of yet! Though they did warn me that from time to time, and depending on the cars settings too, that some charging issues can occur, and what to do in the event of this to resolve said issues.

Below is a really helpful video to also cover some of these points around common charging issues, and how to overcome them should you experience them yourself!

Have you recently had a charger installed/are thinking about getting one? Let us know your experience of the installation and use below 👇

Happy charging folks! 🚗🔌

Cool 😎 Calm 😌 Collected 🙌 - Here to help, or just for a chat if you like!

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