Happy Friday Community!

Did you know that today is the Global Day of Unplugging πŸ”Œ ⚑ 😎

Over on our Community we talk all night and day about energy saving tips and regularly discuss ways we can pinch them purse strings πŸ’° - by choosing to unplug (or take a digital detox) you'll not only be doing this, but looking after your mental health too 🧠 .

For me personally, I'm constantly glued to a screen. I work all day at my laptop, and as soon as I finish my work day the TV is on and my phone is in use. It's something I've noticed over the past few years - and I'm sure that others can relate.

The benefits are endless really, from giving your eyes a rest to improving your sleep it's a party that I want to be invited to πŸ•Ί . As a team, we've decided to take Global Day of Unplugging in our stride and over the next few weeks we'll all be letting you know little changes in our lives that has had a massive impact going forward!

Head to our blog about πŸ‘‰ Global Day of Unplugging to read more, and get a better understanding of some of the reasons a digital detox can be good for you!

Is anyone with us? Or does anyone have any tips on how they are 'switching off their brain'
🌍 Striving for a bigger, better and sustainable world!

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