Feed in Tariff's - When to submit a reading, how often, when will I get paid and how?

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    Hello everyone,

    As we approach another busy payment window, we always see increased demand so we thought 🤔

    Where better to try and help our customers by getting some information out on our fabulous community. Short and sweet from me for once, there will be lots more content on FIT throughout the year.

    So..... When can I submit a FIT meter read?

    FIT Reads can be entered as follows,

    March 1 - March 25
    June 1 - June 25
    September 1 - September 25
    December 1 - December 25

    We also ask customers to take a reading on the 31st of March, this is because the Feed in Tariff is linked to RPI and we want to make sure we pay people the correct amounts. You can give this reading in the June window. Please advise you have this read before giving the June reading, it really helps

    Once a read is entered and accepted, the payment is usually around 7-10 working days, some accounts this is 30 days depending on your contract. This is paid into your nominated bank account or via a cheque.

    You can enter the reads on your online account, via the phone 0808 501 5218, Facebook, WhatsApp, X (Twitter) and via email hi@eonnext.com

    If the read fails tolerance for being too high, we will ask for a photo and if there have been any changes to your system. Nothing to worry about this is just a formality 🙂

    As always, reach out if you need anything regarding the above or want to have a chat.
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    It is not possible to aim close enough to the 1st April price change. This year feed in tariff going up by inflation is a big jump. Could EoN propose best practice to get the FIT price change right? In the week from 24th March to 1st April, my roof will generate between 14 and 70 kWh depending on weather, and getting that much variation on the wrong side of the April 1st price change could result in errors of more than 1 pound in how much feed in tariff you get later in the summer. For example could EoN systems accept a read closer to 1st April than is asked for above ? Whatever EoN do, please photograph all of your meters on 1st April and that makes it possible to get price changes right or show proof if one day you get asked to. What do EoN say ?
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    @wizzo227 hey 👋 it's been a while!

    As @Lee_EONNext has mentioned above we do ask FiT customers to take a reading on 31st March.

    The reading windows Lee has posted above are our only reading windows for FiT payments 😊
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