This thread is very interesting and elements of it completely mirror my experience
!. Monthly bills suddenly stop appearing ..had to ring to request April and May 2024 bills
2. The app provides a cartoon bar chart of daily total price attached AND very importantly NO TOU SPLIT
3. My smart meter was installed by EDF and the TOU split seems to be hard wired to their old economy 7 using meter reading does not provide verification of an EON drive bill
4. For several months late last year and early this year the Peak/Off Peak split on my bills was correct in so far as it tallied with data from Bright and (yes I am that person who spends a few minutes a week entering this data into my own spreadsheet)
5. Since the shift to BST its all gone haywire again with recent bills using meter reading data and hence incorrect with the invoiced amount very much in their favour. The total units consumed is absolutely correct but the TOU split is very incorrect.

I really think that EON have launched this product with no automated systems in place to correctly monitor peak and off peak use...goodness knows how many people on this tarrif are being overcharged with no way (unless they do like me) of verifying EON bills. Any hear of the Post office Horizon scandal?!?

I have challenged my recent overcharging and I have refuse to sign a DD until I am confident that EON can provide me with half hourly data on either their app or their website. Until they can they are close to providing a scam product.

As an aside I was briefly with Octopus Go (moved to EON Drive because their tarrif was more attractive) and octopus go provide a daily statement of peak/off peak use and cost.

I wonder why EON Drive cannot do the same...currently this product is shambolic