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    If I fit extra panels and a battery, how is that assessed and will it affect my FIT?
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    @Hockski You can add a battery, you would need to complete the battery declarations forms and send a copy of the schematic to us.

    In terms of adding extra panels, you can add them if you wish, however you will not receive FIT payments on the extra installed panels. This part needs to be clear, as @wizzo227 has explained that the FIT Scheme for new applications ended, this included extensions, again you would not be able to claim any payments on any additional panels.

    What we would ask is that you sent us all the details of the extra installed panels and we would add a split to the account. So the split would just work out % wise what you would be paid for eligible vs non eligible solar.

    You would also need to send us as much detail as possible on the install, what's been installed, size etc.

    I hope the above makes sense?

    Thanks @Joe and @wizzo227 for stepping in.
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    @Lee_EONNext may be able to advise on this when he gets my tag or perhaps you could try contacting the FIT/SEG Team...

    I need to speak to someone about my account, how can I contact the FiT / SEG team?

    You can contact our FiT /SEG team on 📞 0808 501 5218.

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    The Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme was closed to new applications around 1st April 2019 so you cannot enlarge the system which was registered before then. You should be able to install and register something else next to it. Please can EoN staff confirm?. As feed in tariff rates are index linked to inflation, and silicon photovoltaics last, the existing photovoltaics on FIT provide a dependable revenue for very many years ahead and that is due to go up by quite a lot in April. What I think any sane electricity company ought to do is to leave your existing photovoltaics and feed in tariff microgeneration account alone, but require that additional new photovoltaic generation and/or batteries don't go through the existing feed in tariff meter, instead getting installed as a completely seperate and standalone addition. Then to your installer you would say "do what you usually do".