Generate a bill or statement for a fixed period?

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    Due to family issues and bereavements, I need to show how much energy has been used and the cost, for a fixed period of time, so from 01/10/23 to 27/01/24, I have start and end readings 79488 to 79926 so 438 units, during this period DD payment stopped and direct payment started, so unit costs changed a bit, so I have been online for over 30 minutes to try and get a statement / bill for this exact period, in a single statement, I am being told it may not be possible, but BG were more than happy to do this this morning with the gas meter readings. E-on cant put me in touch with the billing department, and the agent I spoke to has NEVER had this request before, has ANYONE ever managed this with E-on?
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    Sorry to hear about a bereavement.

    Technically, if a bereavement is involved, the account should be closed as at the date of death and a reading provided to the supplier , in this case Eon Next, who should then bill the deceased up to that date and then another person or corporate entity from that date going forward. Getting this should be no more difficult than when person A moves out and person B moves in.

    However, if that for some reason isn't possible, I think that armed with the readings you have, an apportionment could be made of the usage at any particular intervening dates and a notional bill calculated. This would be satisfactory for any official purpose providing that your approach is reasonable . I don't think an official bill would make any difference. The bill for the entire period you have quoted would be of the order of a maximum of £1.84 per day and that might provide a basis for the apportionment.

    I really don't think anything more exact would be possible unless, as @JoeSoap says, smart readings were available.
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    Can I ask if these readings are from smart meters? The reason I ask is that if they are, then failing all else, you could (if possible) download something like the Bright app and see the historical usage. All you would need to do then is to apply the tariff rates appropriate at the time. These tariff rates should be available on existing statements.
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