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    Hi, I'm refitting an old flat to get to EPC C-rate and had to switch to Economy 7 to achieve it. But the EOn engineer who came to fit the new meter took away our smart meter, and I only have the word of the EOn Economy 7 Tariff Help Desk that I will get a smart meter back (necessary as the meter is 12 feet up and I'm not able to balance on a step ladder to read it). Can anyone at EOn confirm the 'roll out' of these Economy 7-compatible smart meters is happening? I see from threads on this forum other people have had trouble getting them, and the whole process of talking to EOn about it on the phome was a fiasco! If it's not coming any time soon, how can I find out if the new 'classic' meter is one that relies on the soon-to-be-switched-off radio signal. Thanks!
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    Hiya @MrsHouse 👋

    I'm Deb one of the community coordinators, it's lovely to meet you 😊

    So from what I understand from above you had a normal credit smart meter, you wanted to switch to an economy 7 smart meter, however the engineer installed a classic meter instead is that correct?

    If so the reason behind this is that because there was already a smart meter installed in the property, if we were to switch it out for economy 7 smart straight away it wouldn't commision and this means it wouldn't send readings.

    So what we do is:
    1. We remove the old smart meter.
    2. We then install economy 7 classic meter (non smart).
    3. Wait for the meter details to be updated on the national database and our system.
    4. Following this we can then book in to switch over to an economy 7 smart meter.

    I understand it's a bit clunky and it does take a bit longer, however it's the best way to ensure it works as it should. This should have been explained to you at the time of booking MrsHouse and I can only apologise if that wasn't the case.

    You can get in touch with one of our energy specialists and they'll be able to check if you can get a smart appointment booked in yet, it may be worth letting them know what has already been done so they know you now have an economy 7 meter, this way they can check if the system has been updated for you 😊

    I hope this helps?
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    If the meter has been changed it’s highly likely to be a smart meter. People try to get a traditional meter are told it isn’t possible.

    Are you saying a traditional meter has been installed to give you E7, and another visit is required to give you a smart meter?

    get yourself on the PRS and they’ll read you meter quarterly.
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    Nope, not a smart meter! As soon as I was told it wasn't, I kicked up a fuss but told repeatedly I couldn't have one by EOn's main customer phone contact. Battled to get through to the Economy 7 tariff help desk who eventually agreed to supply one but I had to accept the classic first. So yes. I now have an Economy 7 meter. Another visit needed to upgrade to smart. For my information, why do people prefer the classic? Also, PRS sounds intriguing. I've not heard about it. Will investigate. Thank you very much for your reply.
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    The idea is that Smart Meters help customers save energy by customers looking at their in home device and then acting to turn off appliances they don't need. Unfortunately a lot of the time the in home display doesn't function properly or is fed false information on prices and costs. Also the system is supposed to send readings to the supplier thus eliminating manual readings. But circa 10% of meters can't do this currently.

    Some of us are perfectly able to reduce our consumption without the need of a smart meter and trust our own data and spreadsheets. Having a meter in a difficult to read position does make a smart meter a sensible option - if it works as advertised.

    I meant PSR - priority services register

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