EV charger fails to charge at night

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    Hi, I have an issue with my EV charger failing to charge at night. It either stops charging mid way through the night and the app status is " Failed to charge or something went wrong" or it fails to start charging at the designated time.

    The in car settings are to charge at anytime to full capacity and our WiFi signal is good.

    I've been in contact with the support line and have spoken to staff members to no avail.

    Has anyone had similar issues and have you managed resolve it without having to make an official complaint.
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    Hi @Net4

    Firstly, welcome to the Community!

    I'm really sorry that you haven't had an answer to this yet, it looks like your post may have slipped through the net! Not to worry though, if you see this and want to reply, you can do so using "reply with quote" or by using the @ symbol and tagging me in so I'll see once you've responded.

    Are you able to let me know what charger you use, a picture of your charger would be great if possible, as well as the make and model of your EV?

    I can't promise that I'll know the answer personally if there's something we can help with, but If I'm unable to help, I'll take this away to our EV Team to find out what's going on.
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