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    I have had and been using my iHD for a good many years. Two days ago it lost connection to the smart meter and has not connected since. I have rebooted several times. I have checked the gov website DCC and this reports it is not being read. I also have loop which has previously worked well and this now also reports no data since 29 Jan 24. I have contacted eon as I believe my smart meter is at fault but have been told it's my IHD and I will have to buy a new one. How can they be certain it is my IHD without doing any checks on it? They also say they have not had a reading since 29 Jan but say that it's working as they have had them every month. I was told loop doesn't need a IHD to work so why is that also not able to display data if the smart meter is working correctly?
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    You could try the citizens advice smart meter checker to see what that says. You could also send an email to hi@eonnext.com telling of your suspicions and ask them to try to pull some smart readings. I did this when I was having comms problems and they replied pronto telling me they pulled the readings successfully. The readings then showed in my online account and all was ok from then on.
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    It's entirely possible that your meter has dropped off the communications network and because of that, the communications hub is in a 'standby state' hence not talking to the IHD.

    If your meter is not visible on the network (you can check here ) then it's likely not a problem with the IHD.

    It may just be a temporary glitch as happens sometimes and it will eventually sort itself out or a more permanent problem caused by a comms provider turning off a 3G mast in your area so there is no 3G network coverage. They turned off 3G in Wales in 2022 and every smart meter in a twenty mile radius lost communication permanently. Can you look at an online mobile network checker and see what O2's signal coverage is like in your area if you are in the Southern half of the UK. If you are up north or in Scotland, you'll be on the Arqiva LRR system which shouldn't be affected but some areas are suffering from poor communications at the moment due to atmospheric conditions.

    It's more likely to be a communication issue than the IHD itself if you get no data on Bright.

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    Thank you for the replies. I've been on touch with them again today and got a very helpful gentleman. He has confirmed that there does indeed seem to be a problem with the meter and not the IHD. He is putting measures in to try and resolve the issue
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    @Midwichcuckoo Hello - welcome to the community 😁 Glad to hear you have spoke to an Energy Specialist and they are looking into the issue for you. Don't forget to give us an update when you get one 😀
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