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    I was wondering if anyone knows if I can receive free boiler checks (not gas safety checks) I am referring to checking the components of the boiler.

    I noticed from the small number of replies in the help & support section that I am very unlikely to receive a reply about anything I post and I may just have to call E.ON directly and ask about this.

    Message to E.ON: If you are monitoring these forum discussions the idea of the community forum is good but if no one is participating it's not much use. When you see over 600 posts in Help & Support section and 10 or so replies it's rather disheartening. It would be good if you dedicated on person from E.ON to quickly respond to a lot of these questions it could pick up momentum.

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    I realise this is a very old thread and I'm sorry it seemed to be missed at the time @noenergy, however I wanted to respond in case anyone else comes here with the same question 😊

    While we don't do boiler checks as a separate entity we do offer boiler cover through HomeServe which includes boiler checks and repairs etc. You can find out more about this on our dedicated Boiler Cover page on our E.ON Next website!
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