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    Hiya, Eon have messed up my payg account and I cannot top up or even access my account. I did not received a barcode with the smart meter installation in August (dont recall seeing one). This mess up has deleted my credit and my emergency credit is just about to expire.
    Is this barcode available from the smart meter? Please help.
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    Hi @roger480

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having this trouble with your account -

    If your meter has been placed into credit (billing) mode, which it certainly sounds like it has been, then you don't need to worry about your emergency credit running out, as the meter will no longer disconnect without credit.

    Our Smart Pay As You Go Team only work weekdays, so if you've been in touch with customer services, they should be starting the process of getting your meter back onto Pay As You Go Mode and then reimbursing any credit you've lost, back to your meter. Please note, it can take around 3 working days for your Smart Meter to remotely switch between Billing/Pay As You Go Modes and this isn't something that can be switched immediately.

    It sounds like you've already been in touch with customer services, so the ball should already be rolling... Have they raised a complaint for you?
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    Hiya @roger480

    Welcome to the community 😊

    When you say your payg account has been messed up how do you mean? Have you topped up before? From what you describe It sounds like your account may have been switched into credit mode 🤔

    If you get in touch with our energy specialists (you can find our contact information here: How to Contact us) they will be able to support you with this.
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    Yes that is exactly what has happened. I have topped up many times. I used to be on a dual rate tariff, but changed over to single rate earlier in 2023. All went smoothly for a while but since having my smart meter fitted it has reverted to dual rate 3 times! I have been changed back within 48 hours ok. This time my payg account has changed to a credit account, my credit of £30 ish has been wiped out and they are taking their time in converting me back. My emergency credit is almost exhausted. I put a credit of £50 on this credit account hoping that this would tide me over but no!
    I am £50 in credit, plus the existing credit that has been "stolen" from me and I keep getting emails and sms telling me to top up!
    I am exhausted and annoyed!
    Can you help please.
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    Thanks for your reply, I wish I could share your confidence in not being dis-connected.
    Why does it take 3 days to change back to payg?
    Will my account in the app revert at same time?
    Any idea why this (incorrect tariff) keeps happening?
    Yes I spoke at length with someone on Friday evening, someone will call me on Saturday! They haven't!

    Thanks again, will just have to wait until Monday.
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    Hey @roger480

    Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been around much the last few days so have only just seen your reply.

    It can take up to 3 working days for a remote switching of any Smart Meter between the Billing/Pay As You Go modes - this is the same for all suppliers, as quite a few changes need to be made to the meter in order to change the functionality over from one form of payment to the other for the meter.

    Once you're back on Pay As You Go, your app will update automatically to reflect this, if not the same day that your account changes, then the following day.

    I'm not sure why this has happened more than once 🤔 is it just your tariff which has changed on its own previously or has your payment method been remotely changed like this too in the past?

    I'm hoping that there's been some movement on this for you since we last discussed on here, so please do let me know if this has been resolved for you yet.
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    All sorted late Monday pm. Most of monies credited just waiting for a credit for excess charged when on wrong credit.
    Complaint raised and being looked into.
    Lets hope this is the last time - stressed out!
    Thanks everyone for your help.
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    That's great news @roger480 - thanks for letting me know!

    Your complaint should now remain open until you're satisfied that everything is resolved, and hopefully this won't happen again in future.