Does anyone have an opinion on solar panels and or Project Solar UK?

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    Does anyone have an opinion on solar panels and batteries and/or on Project Solar UK?
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    I've never heard of "Project Solar UK" so I can't comment on that.
    The solar panels on my roof have more than paid for themselves and find bill savings every day. I preferentially save the washing machine and oven cooking tasks for sunny days.
    I don't have a battery, finding that after I've used the air con heat pump and various kitchen appliances, there is rarely enough surplus solar to be worth it, and then we get a no sun week in which no amount of batteries would ever be enough. I mostly prefer to find other uses immediately for rooftop solar than to run it into an expensive battery with imperfect efficiency.

    I say get the biggest solar photovoltaics that you can afford and which fit on sunny parts of your roof.
    If the installer proposes huge empty margins around a small rectangle of solar photovoltaics in the middle of a large roof then question his reasoning and photograph how the sun lands on that roof at different times of day and year. Partial shading at occasional times can still get full power from the fully illuminated parts of panels if they contain a design feature "bypass diodes" and use a conventional "string" and inverter. The inverter should be placed somewhere accessible for once in ten years replacement. The rooftop solar panels last much longer than that, as do properly made roof hook and rail mounting.
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    Hey @ianhobson welcome to the community! As far as I can tell Project Solar UK seem to be an installer, I have no experience with them personally so can't really comment. What I will say is that we would always recommend that if you intend to have panels installed that you go with a reputable company, get quotes and feedback from other customers too.

    Here you will find lots of information about solar panels. I believe if you are an E.ON Next customer there is a discount on battery storage and solar panels if you go through E.ON too 😊
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