Balances reset to zero and DD amounts reduced.

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    Having posted my readings online yesterday, i got my updated statements today via email. As both showed me to be in credit I phoned both EDF (Gas) and Eon Next (Electricity) today to amend my Direct Debits and get my credit balances refunded.

    I had previously worked out from my bills what a reasonable DD at current prices would be. Neither company disputed my figures.

    Both worked fairly seamlessly. Eon Next asked for the sort code and account number that the DD came from, which threw me for a few seconds and had me reaching into the deepest depth of my pocket for my wallet and appropriate bank card.. They (Next) did though get me through to an energy specialist quicker than EDF.

    But pretty painless experience.
    Current Eon Next customer, ex EDF, Zog and Symbio. Don't think dual fuel saves money and don't like smart meters. Chronologically Gifted. If I offend let me know by private message, but I’ll continue to express my opinions nonetheless.
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    Makes you wonder why some folks have such trouble with refund of credit balances and the setting of DD amounts. No doubt that realistic expectations borne out of experience, combined with a certain approach, have a considerable impact on the outcome of such requests.

    Or maybe you just got lucky 😂
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.
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    Community Team
    Great to hear this was straight forward for you @meldrewreborn - thank you for the feedback 😀
    🌳Together we can work to achieve a more sustainable Future 🌳
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    Well it had been going smoothly. on 2nd January I'd asked EDF for my Gas account balance to be refunded and my DD set to £92 per month (down from £130), this to meet an anticipated £1100 annual bill at current prices and estimated consumption.

    Today I get a message saying they've carried out a review and my DD will be going down to £72 per month. That can only be sensible if they hold onto my account balance, which I had already asked to be refunded. Left hand not talking to right hand - or computer storage not communicating with brain!! 50 minutes on phone to resolve - complaint raised.

    've now got complaints running with Qantas, Capital One,O2 and EDF.

    I strongly feel we need to complain when things don't go right - otherwise poor customer service becomes normalised.