New Smart meter fitted Kaifa MA120B and E7, any manual anywhere?

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    Hi All,

    Yesterday I got fitted with a Kaifa MA120B smart meter and I was wondering if any of you had a manual for it? I'd rather not fiddle and unset something...
    It shows 2 rates rotating and time on the display but one is still at 0 (-A value perhaps that's the gas one as I don't have gas...) so I am hoping that's because the one showing how much I have used (+A value) is the combined night and day total and somewhere in the settings I can find the individual readings.

    I just want to be able to find the actual day and night readings on the meter itself so I can keep an eye. They've changed the times on the installation from 11.30pm-6.30am to 12.30am-7.30am and I just want to check that it's all working well... Also perhaps I should know where to find the readings in case the meter stops sending info to Eonnext for any reason...
    (the IHD works ok but I want to be able to take readings on the meter itself)
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    Here's my quick 'how to' guide for the MA120B (blatantly stolen from our 'tentacled' friends!)

    How to read your Kaifa MA120 SMETS2 Electric Meter:

    This meter does not require 'waking up' and uses a default auto scroll mode, cycling through its four screens. It will cycle through to the screen with your meter reading on automatically.

    To take two rate meter readings from your Kaifa SMETS2 electricity meter:

    • Press the top (or Up) button to enter the menu system.
    • With the arrow next to General Display, press and hold the top button.
    • Then press the bottom (or Down) button to scroll down to Tariff Matrix. With the arrow next to Tariff Matrix, press and hold the top button.
    • With the arrow next to TOU Register, press and hold the top button. T01 shows the total for R1, T02 shows the total for R2. T03 and 4 shows the unused Rate band.

    To take an export reading from your Kaifa SMETS2 electricity meter:

    • Your meter will automatically switch between 4 different screens - you don’t need to push any buttons.
    • Your export reading is on the screen that shows ‘-A value’ in kWh.

    The only significant difference between the MA120 and MA120B is that the B has 5 terminals and an auxillary contact for E7 heating systems.

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    Thanks for such a quick answer, I really appreciate. Mine is a little different than the one in your picture in
    Mine looks like the one below, picture stolen fromt the interweb as I'd rather not put my S/N etc on a public forum...

    I'll try the squid way and see if the settings for the non B are the same. Thanks for your quick response!

    Eon Next hasn't sorted the sync between the meter and my account yet so I've no way to see if it's working ok yet...

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    Hi @Stef 👋😄

    I can see it's been a little while since you posted in here, so just thought I'd see if there's been an update?

    Have you been able to manually take your readings from your new meter?
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    @PeterT_EONNext yes it's all good. If I need to I can take manual readings. thank you
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    Did you manage to find a manual? I want to know how to read the active unit price on my meter, to make sure they're charging me the correct amounts. Any idea? Thanks.
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    Did you manage to find a manual? I want to know how to read the active unit price on my meter, to make sure they're charging me the correct amounts. Any idea? Thanks.

    Whatever the meter says, you will find the rates you are actually being charged on your statements.
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