E10 3 Phase Smart Meter ?

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    This is my first post. I hope the group can help with my request.

    I have an existing ( non smart ) E10 meter the meter is an ELSTER A1140 three phase device installed in 2015, so 8 years old.

    The meter powers ( switches on / off ) the electric wet central heating boiler and immersion heater during off peak periods and provides 10 hours of off peak supply to the rest of the property.

    EON Next are wishing to replace this meter with a smart meter.

    My question is, has anybody in this group had their E10 3 phase meter operating in a similar way to the one I have described replaced with an E10 smart meter ?

    If so what is your experience of the change ?
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    Welcome to the forum. I think @retrotecchie will be able to help you. You’ve raised 3 phase and E10, both of which complicate installations.
    Current Eon Next customer, ex EDF, Zog and Symbio. Don't think dual fuel saves money and don't like smart meters. Chronologically Gifted. If I offend let me know by private message, but I’ll continue to express my opinions nonetheless.
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    Not sure I can help, but three phase meters in a domestic setting are rarer than hens teeth. Dual rate three phase meters are even rarer. And smart three phase dual rate meters are almost non existent for domestic users. They tend to be the province of business, commercial and industrial setups.
    @Rodwhite, your best bet is a phone call to discuss this with customer services but it is very unlikely you will be able to talk to anyone who knows much about non-standard setups. To the best of my knowledge, E.On Next don't fit them.

    Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. I DON'T work for or on behalf of EON.Next, but am willing to try and help if I can. Not on mains gas, mobile network or mains drainage. House heated almost entirely by baby dragons.
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    @Rodwhite Thanks you @meldrewreborn and @retrotecchie for the feedback.

    Before posting this I contacted EON Next Customer services on 08085015200 and spoke to energy specialist Kayleigh.
    I purposely did not call the number on the letter from EON Next ( 0808 501 5266) which stated that " Your meter has reached the end of its life ..." My thinking here was that the guys on this number were there primarily to book customers smart meter installation and not necessarily the best to discuss this issue.
    Anyway, Kayleigh said.

    - They only replace existing meter with a smart meter.
    - When the replacement is booked they put a note on the installation request that a 3 phase meter installer is to be used and that a 3 phase E10 meter should be installed.
    - I advised that the meter I have now was installed by EON in 2015 so only 8 years old and that the same meter is available on line where it says the operational lifetime is 10 years, so why replace now. Kayleigh said the meter needs to be replaced in January 2024.

    I stated that when I was in contact with EOn Next by email in Sept I was advised that they currently "do not supply E10 smart meters but are working on it"
    - I asked what make of smart meter should be installed but was told they could not advise as it would be down to the meter installer

    I finished the call by saying I would contact this group and ask whether any EON Next customers have had a successful install of E10 in a 3 phase supply before deciding what to do.

    I am looking for reassurance that any replacement with a smart meter has been done before. Hence this thread.

    The question now is what should I do, help please ?

    - Contact EON by email send details of existing meter and maybe a picture of the set up inside the box. ?

    - Something else ?
    - Contact another supplier, reluctant to do this as current meter was installed by EON.
    - Do nothing.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Personally, I would do nothing. If they are adamant you need the meter changed, they will chase you. If they send someone out to swap the meter, or at least to look at it, then it's up to them to see what you have and come up with a like-for-like replacement. A) They won't carry anything remotely close on the van and B) Three phase Economy 10/7 meters are simply not made by most domestic meter suppliers as there is no call for them in most home installations. You will need an industrial/commercial meter and these are very rare in smart form. Most of these meters are, at best, AMR meters which can be read by a supplier, but not updated with tariff information or have their TOU registers updated. They are only capable of providing total KWh information and peak usage but they don't store the same data as a smart meter and don't have IHD capability.

    So I'd personally keep my head well under the parapet and make them do all the running.
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    @retrotecchie Thanks for your advice very helpful. If I cannot get the smart functionality without significantly changing my system it sounds as though they would be better replacing with an equivalent non smart meter.
    I agree they need to have a look at the installation and propose a solution to change their meter.
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    @Rodwhite Hey, welcome to the community, it's great to see new members signing up and engaging with people.

    I have seen some E10 smart meters however I don't recall if these are 3 phase or not. I would have thought the exchange would have been like for like, I assume you're on an E10 rate, hence the E10 meter?

    Did any of the people you have spoken to clarified what was going to be installed? They may have to call through to another department to get this booked, how old is your meter? usually the first 2 digits of your meter are the year of manufacture

    Any more letters or has anyone contacted you at all?
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    Thanks for your message.

    If EON cannot replace their current ELSTER A1140 three phase meter with a smart meter with exactly the same functionality they should replace the the existing meter for a like for like model.

    I have checked and the ELSTER A1140 meter is available.

    Should be a simple check for EON Next to make !

    The purpose of my post was to seek reassurance in the form of feedback from people who have had a successful change to a smart meter for the type of install I have.

    The feedback so far is that there is no such experience, not unless you can provide some ?

    The communication I have had so far from EON.
    Next has been by letter, phone, email and text .
    All saying the same thing we want to fit a smart meter but these are all generic communications.

    The meter serial no starts K 12 .. and was installed by EON in 2015.

    I will be happy to send details again to EON Next
    of the existing installation if you can provide the contact details of someone in EON Next who has the relevant experience in this area.
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    The Elster A1140 has a working life of 15 years, so if it was installed in 2015, it should be fine for a few more years yet. Standard single phase domestic meters are usually certified for ten years but there are many meters out there still going strong that are well past their 'best before' dates. My meter is about 20 years old and my neighbour's meter was installed in 1983, when our village first got electricity!

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    @retrotecchie Thanks for the information.
    A sensible approach is needed I think.