DCC Outage

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    Hello everyone,

    There is a DCC outage from today (6th December) at 8pm until 2am tomorrow (7th December) . The outage and will disable top ups during that time.

    Don't forget our SPAYG friendly hours for electricity and gas are:

    If you run out of credit between 4pm and 10am on a weekday, your electricity and gas won’t disconnect as long as you had at least 1 penny on your meter at 4pm. It will also stay on over weekends and bank holidays! Anything you use in this time will clock on your meter as minus balance. If you exceed past the £5 emergency credit limit you will need to pay this back in full before 10am the next working day to stay on supply or if you have been disconnected you will need to pay the full balance back before your supply will reconnect.
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