Sustainable gifting, handmade gifts and festive crafting

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    Even though the latest TV or the games console might be wonderful 🤗 at a time when funds are tight for many and after all of the hustle and bustle of Black Friday where it's all 'buy buy buy' and consumerism seems to have taken over - I thought it would be nice to scale it back a bit this year and focus on alternative gifting ideas. 🎁

    This year I am doing a lot of handmade gifts, I will be re-usuing and up-cycling, I will be baking and I will 100% be crafting! Saving me some money, making my gifts more sustainable and more personal 🎄🍪✂🎀

    Over the weekend I made a willow star decoration this was my first attempt at weaving but I’m pretty chuffed with the result!

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    Our @Beki_EONNext has already started with her festive crafting too. Brand new to crochet and she has already created some lovely crochet garlands look at these...
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    One of the things I do is save up the brown packaging paper from deliveries I get throughout the year and use this for wrapping paper. I jazz it up with ribbons, a little bit of greenery from the back of my tree and these little handmade air dry clay gift tags. I love making these as they are super cheap to do (I got over 100 from 1 block of clay which only cost around £2) these also double up as baubles for the tree so it's like another little gift! It makes the gift look really lovely and it gives that luxury wrapping look when really it only cost pennies!

    The tags are really easy to make you just roll out the clay like dough (you could even do salt dough and make it yourself), use cookie cutters to get the shape, use a cocktail stick to poke a little hole for string then leave it to dry for 24hrs! You can add little patterns using everyday things at home, I have used a scrap of an old knitted jumper to press a knit print on them before which looks so pretty!
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    I can imagine we have some crafty folk on the community, does anyone else make their own gifts? Does anyone have any tips on keeping gifts sustainable? Do you bake or make edible gifts?
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    Love this! @DebF_EONNext
    Also the crochet looks so pretty @Beki_EONNext 💕

    I know @Tracy can also be creative! They made amazing crystal bead angels and posted some pictures here
    Did you make anything else over the weekend Tracy? We would love to know more! 🤗
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