Gas meter clocking high inconsistently

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    We are being offered an OFMAT test for a gas meter that is inconsistenly over-reading.

    We are struggling to get an answer as to whether this test is carried out on site or whether the meter is removed for remote testing.

    As the fault is inconsistent we are struggling to know if/how the fault will be picked up at the time of testing.

    If anyone has any experience of the OFMAT test procedure or any other advice in this respect we would be very grateful.
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    1. Ask your energy supplier for an independent test of your meter. You will be contacted to agree a time for its removal and the installation of a replacement.
    2. It’s best to note your meter reading and serial number on the day it is disconnected.
    3. Your meter will be securely packaged and sent to an approved laboratory for testing by an independent examiner.
    4. The examiner will post you a certificate with the test results. A copy will be sent to your energy supplier and the meter owner if this is a different company.
    5. If your meter is working correctly, within the legal limits, the certificate will say it is accurate.
    6. If your meter is faulty, the certificate will say it is a failure, either stating how far it is outside the legal limits or noting that its readings are unreliable. Your energy supplier will contact you to sort matters out. This may involve compensating you for over-billing or agreeing a payment plan for under-billing.
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    @Florence100 some great info here from @retrotecchie 👐 Your meter will indeed be taken away and looked into, this process usually takes up to six weeks to be completed 😀
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