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    Hey Community 👋

    You may have seen or heard already today that we're making some changes to some of our tariffs from February 2024. If you haven't heard then fear not community, I have all of the important details to share with you here 🤗

    In 2019 we made all of our residential 🏡 electricity 100% renewable as standard, at no extra cost. This has helped raise awareness that millions of people could make a start on their own net zero journey in a simple yet effective way. The electricity supplied to your home comes from the National Grid and we ensure that all of our customers receive 100% renewable electricity as standard. Our electricity is backed by 100% renewable resources, E.ON's renewable generation assets, agreements with UK generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates ⚡

    So 'what's changing?' I hear you ask 🤔...Well as of 1 February 2024 we will still be offering 100% renewable electricity to all of our customers on a fixed tariff, as standard and at no extra cost, just as we do now. However, this will no longer be guaranteed for customers who are on our standard variable tariff (SVT).

    Instead we'll be developing new propositions that support customers in being more sustainable 🍃

    Things such as making donations to environmental projects across the UK 🌳 and creating discounts on home energy solutions. The next step of our journey is highlighting that energy solutions such as solar panels, EV chargers and heat pumps etc can help save money as well as saving the planet too! This is where our focus will be, all while still offering 100% renewable electricity across all of our fixed tariffs, at no extra cost!

    Why are we making this change?
    Our 100% renewable electricity highlights how customers can start making a difference in the net zero challenge. We've taken what was a niche product in the industry and we're proud to have been part of changing the public's perspective. Our next challenge - and the focus and scale of our efforts, is showing how energy solutions can help customers to be more sustainable while also saving money! 🍃

    Does this change affect me?
    This will only change for customers on the SVT. If you want to guarantee that you are receiving 100% renewable electricity then you will need to switch to a fixed tariff.

    If you're already on a fixed tariff then you'll continue to receive 100% renewable electricity as standard, this is for ALL of our fixed tariffs including existing fixed customers (up to the end of their agreement), new switches and brand new customers moving on to a fixed product. Customers coming to the end of their fixed period will need to switch to another fixed tariff to continue getting 100% renewable electricity. The Next Pledge and our E.V tariffs are included as these are fixed tariffs.
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    in effect, instead of spending money buying certificates to back the renewable pledge, that money will be used on other initiatives. Since the variable tariffs are limited by OFGEM, and the vast majority of customers are on these tariffs, there would be the opportunity to lower customer prices, but this doesn’t seem the likely path of travel for Eon Next.

    I think the term for this is corporate virtue signalling, and frankly it goes ever the head of most customers. I’ll stick to things I understand, like pricing, as this has a direct impact on me, rather than things that are far less immediately tangible.
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