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    How to reconnect your supply with a smart meter...

    Now we're heading into some of the ❄ colder months from time to time its easy to be caught off guard and run out of credit which means that your energy supply will be disconnected.

    We know it can be worrying going off supply. So to help with this we’ve created a little run down to get you back up and running:

    (If what you're looking isn't here or if it's an EMERGENCY you can get in touch Contact us)

    Off Supply- Frequently asked questions:

    How do I top up my Smart Pay As You Go meter?:

    Unsure how to top up your Smart Pay As You Go meter check out this video:

    Prefer to top up with cash? No worries have a look at this video to find out how:

    I ran out of credit, I've just topped up and I'm still off supply, how do I fix this?

    If you've checked that the top up was enough to bring your balance up to date and cover any emergency credit you may have used and you are still off supply, here's what to do:

    Let's start with getting to know your meter...
    So you can get the right advice for your meter, check out this link Our Smart Pay as you go meters

    Once you've double checked what meter you have click on the link and you'll be able to see a break down of everything you need to get you back up and running for that specific meter step by step.

    I've topped up but my credit is not on my meter and I'm off supply, what can I do?...

    Don't worry this can happen from time to time when your top up takes a little bit longer to get onto to your meter and this is why we also provide you with a 20 digit top up code that we call a UTRN when you top up this is so you can manually enter this number and push your credit onto your meter if you need to.

    Here is a quick guide to show you what to do if you need to pop your code in for your specific meter Entering my Top up code

    Good to know...

    I can't top up right now, how can I get access to my emergency credit?...

    If your balance falls below £2 and you can’t top up your meter straight away, good news is that you can activate your emergency credit, you'll get £10 for electricity and £10 for gas. Once the emergency credit is used up, your supply will disconnect unless you top up.

    You can see how to activate your emergency credit and lots of other useful information for your meter type by visiting our Smart Pay As You Go meter help section on our website.

    Is there Friendly hours? if so what does that mean?

    If you do run out of credit, we won't disconnect you on weekends, UK Bank Holidays or between 4pm and 10am Monday to Friday.

    How can I get support if I'm struggling to pay...

    If you're worried or struggling to pay please contact us so we can talk to you about this. We offer a range of support and maybe able to help.
    We also offer details of where to go to get free independent advice if needed.

    We're here to support you and arm you with as much information as we can so we can prepare for this winter...check out our Let's get winter ready - Prepayment thread, why not subscribe to our Prepayment & Smart PAYG forum so you can keep up to date with any notifications? 😊


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    Thanks for this handy post to link to when the questions start pouring in 👍
    I'm an Eon Next dual fuel customer with no particular expertise but have some time on my hands that I am using to try and help out a bit.