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    After many months prepayment meters (from previous residents) were changed to credit meters but the gas is not on. The meter says 'supply off'.

    After many many emails I am told I have to get my own engineer even though the supply has never worked (the house is empty at the moment).
    I am already in complaint mode so that obviously means nothing.!!!

    Can any kind person interpret what 'supply off' might mean (well in credit) and how I might be able to sort it?
    Other supply companies have helpful youtubes to reset the meter (A and B buttons etc) I imagine all meters are the same???

    What may have led to the gas supply being off - the credit from the prepayment gas meter was applied to the electricity account so the gas meter was in arrears (no gas used but standing charges!) When the meters were changed, new PAYG accounts were started up, despite having had cresit checks and set up direct debits for credit accounts. I only found this out accidentally. There's more and worse but for now

    Can anyone advise me how to get the gas on!!??!
    PS the house is 25 miles away and I can't get there now to check that the installer didnt leave the gas supply off. That would be a result frankly, if annoying...
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    Hello Everyone
    Well the wonderful Lee finally sorted this and the gas is on. Yay!
    His cunning plan was that I had to go back on to prepayment account and then back on to credit account.

    This was somewhat alarming (given my experience of groundhog day, would I get stuck forever where I was right at the start when the whole rigmarole started?) but it worked.
    Thanks Lee!

    It doesn’t explain why I got into that groundhog day lasting several months, every time I called I got another person who started all over again.

    This was sorted In November but I had impossible workload and then was sick so sorry for delay.

    Lee suggested I tag him but I don’t know how to do that (which has been a disincentive.) If anyone can do that that would be good thanks.

    Onwards and upwards everyone!
    And thanks again Lee.

    PS I will ask for refund of standing charges for gas I couldnt get....

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    I think some photographs will be necessary. Of course, given the property is not occupied the engineer might have left the supply isolated for safety purposes.
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    @meldrewreborn, @sisiphus if it's any help to hear this story... I once had my supply cut off: neighbours called BG as they'd smelt gas and it turned out out was coming through the floor cavity from my house.

    Engineer tested my meter & found there was a gradual pressure drop, so blocked the supply by putting a sealing disk in the supply input pipe.

    He said it was up to me to find the source of the leak and get a gas-safe engineer to fix the problem, who would also be able to un-seal the supply.

    Turns out I'd put a nail into the gas pipe which initially had plugged itself 😲 but over the years must have gradually worked loose causing a slow leak.

    Local plumber/gas-man came and soldered in a new section of pipe, and re enabled the supply
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    You've said that,'' the credit from the prepayment gas meter was applied to the electricity account so the gas meter was in arrears (no gas used but standing charges!)''. Earlier you said, ''(well in credit)''. Did you mean the account was well in credit?

    Have you got separate accounts for gas and electric?

    What does it say in your online account about the new meter start reading and account balance? Does the meter serial number in your account (or any statement therein) match the new meter? Has any gas been registered as used since the meter was fitted and is the account in credit or debit? If in debit you could make a manual payment to put it in credit and see if that gets the supply back on.

    When you say you're in complaint mode, do you mean you currently have an open official complaint?

    I'm not sure I can come up with any answers to your problem but the more info you can give might help someone have a decent stab at this.
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    @sisiphus When a meter runs out of credit it disconnects for safety, when you next top it up you need to reconnect it again before it will work. Has the energy specialist you have been dealing with given you any instructions on how to do this?

    If not we can give you instructions, we will just need the model of your meter as there are different instructions for different meters. If you're unsure pop a picture up and we can help talk you through how to do it 😊
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    When you refer to ‘topping up’ are you talking about a prepayment meter? As far as I can tell, reading the first sentence of the OP, the meter in question is not a prepayment meter.
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    Thanks for pointing this out @JoeSoap, you are correct the advice I have given above is for smart pay as you go (SPAYG), it was the last paragraph that threw me here and my brain automatically went to SPAYG sorry if my comment caused confusion 🙈

    When the meters were changed, new PAYG accounts were started up, despite having had cresit checks and set up direct debits for credit accounts
    @sisiphus can you confirm that you do have credit meters installed on both meters and not smart pay as you go?
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    I’ve had to read the OP a few times myself and have asked a few questions to try to work out what’s actually going on here.

    Looks like PAYG meters were swapped for credit meters, maybe smart, but the account stayed PAYG in error, at least initially. Now no gas for some reason but property is unoccupied and 25 miles away so not easy to check and try things as advice is given.
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    @sisiphus Dear Everyone
    Thanks for attention. I have never done this before so am I actually replying in the right place? Time will tell. I am trying to upload a photo of meter but although I can browse and get doc into the box it will not actually upload....

    I have credit accounts on both meters and both are well in credit.

    When the meters were changed 10.8.23 from pre-payment meters with a smartmeter someone decided to set up PAYG accounts not credit accounts as had been arranged.

    SInce I assumed the accounts had been correctly opened (had done credit check etc) as credit accounts it took me a while to investigate.

    It is very likely that the gas cut off when the wrongly opened PAYG account went into deficit.

    SOmeone has said they might be able to suggest how I can restart it, had it been a PAYG meter. Let's pretend it's a PAYG meter and tell me what to do and I'll give it a whirl. There has been no gas since AUgust.

    NO noone has ever suggested how to do this they tell me that I need to get a gas engineer.

    not happy!

    But let's get the gas on
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