Air source heat pumps in winter: Busting the myth

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    It would be better to turn off gas generated electricity - its the most expensive fuel source and keeps the prices paid for electricity generated by the other fuels almost as high. Coal generation with CO2 capture is a better solution - and less expensive - but try telling that to the eco brigade.

    It wasn't the eco brigade who stopped a large-pilot scale carbon capture and storage coal burner in Texas in 2020. It was their accountants. I favour a multitude of different renewables to cover most requirements at most times, and such sites as air traffic control who can't go unpowered for even a second are closer to the batteries than the rest of us, as we don't want to pay extra for no seconds without electricity.
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    Perhaps but times change and so do the economics. If we can guarantee a price for renewables why can't we guarantee a price for Coal with CCS?
    Various schemes have been proposed in the UK but as CCS adds considerable to the coast of coal generation it wasn't able to proceed - but gas was much cheaper then.
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    Just browsing around the forum. Granted, it's May, so not entirely relevant 😂, but I've been following this guy for a while, and perhaps it will be useful to someone next year. I'm considering getting a heat pump myself. He's laying out the numbers for heating his home last winter; I believe he lives in the North East.