Later this month Ofgem will be asking about "demand flexibility services". From anyone who did (or didn't for a reason) do the EoN flex thing last winter, are there any opinions which you'd want sending to Ofgem when the greysuits have a really boring meeting about how to get that right ?

I'll be arguing that every electric vehicle recharge point should have a mandatory interruptor, and unless it has confirmed todays' notification (usually times of spare wind power) be by default OFF between 6pm and 9pm to avoid the usual well-known evening peak when everyone else wants to cook dinner and watch telly.

My 24" TV uses 50 Watts. A Tesla superfast charger adds up to 172 miles of range in 15 minutes. Call that about 60kWh in 15 minutes; 240 kW; or about 4800 small televisions like mine. In times of scarcity, where would you want the power to go ?
Some greysuits argue that imports mean that we can have both. I don't like that because an accounting fiddle with carbon offset certificates results in the differential extra electricity imported often originating in the dirtiest fossil power stations.

So build more windmills and be prepared to interrupt the greedier nonessential uses are my take on this.

If any member of the public wants anything at all said, even if that is opposite to my opinion, please write here whatever you want quoted.