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    Hi I have a few questions,

    1. How do i link my Fit account to my dual fuel account so i can access them both online? Only my dual fuel account is showing up now.

    2. I have a few FIT cheques that i haven't cashed and are older than a year, can i get new cheques issued or have it paid into my account directly?

    3. Trying to submit my September reading now but my meter screen is blank. Who do i contact to have that checked?

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    Hi @MJA I hope all is well? I can help here, no problem at all 😀

    1- We will need to link the FIT account to your dual fuel account.

    2 - If you would rather have the money in your account give the team a call and ask them to stop both cheques, once the finance team completes this request the credit will show on your account. We can then get the payment into your bank account, providing the named Generator/Account holder or the nominated recipient. It can take upto 14 days to set up a new payment arrangement.

    3 - You need to contact your installer as soon as possible, do you know when the meter stopped showing the read? This can result in a loss of generation, I would urge you to contact an or your installer as fast as possible. Loss of generation is something that isn't covered in your agreement. I understand the reads are due every 3 months however I do know a few customers who keep a written diary of their reads, like one gentleman reads his meter every Sunday and makes a note. This way you can see weekly if you have had an issue or if an issue is developing or in this case, pick up nice and early a blank meter.

    If your installer is no longer trading, we would recommend you contacting an MCS accredited installer.

    FIT Team - 0808 501 5218

    Did you know that we're open 24/7 across our Social Media Channels? There are lots of ways to contact us over
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    Evening I'm going to tag in @LeeDQ_EONNext who might be able advise you on questions 1 & 2. With respect to question 3 a little more information would help. Is it the actual meter that's blank? Not the IHD. Might be worth uploading a photo of the meter.
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    @LeeDQ_EONNext thanks for your reply. I got the accounts connected so that's sorted now.

    With regards to the meter reading, it was in the home when I moved in so not sure who installed it. And unfortunately I'm not sure when it stopped working, i only ever check it to do the quarterly reading.

    I've attached a picture of the meter, as you can see the screen is blank but the generating light is still blinking. Is this something that eon can repair or do I need to look for a contractor?
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    @MJA Sorry for the delay, yes you would need to seek an installer who is MCS accredited. If you have a solar pack handed to you, there should be a certificate called 'an MCS Certificate' on the top left it usually shows you who the original installer was/is

    I would look for this first and try to get them to repair it. If you struggle with finding this pop me a DM and I will see if there is anything I can do to help find the info.

    Eon would only repair a system that the Eon Solar Solutions have installed.

    Let me know how you get on or if you need me to help any further. More than happy to take a look.