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    I'm fortunate that at my last check up a few weeks ago everything was spot on and my cholesterol numbers are quite low. I was a bit high on blood sugar though, but likely because I'd just necked a packet of Tangfastics (other goodies are available) an hour before they set the leeches on me.

    A little treat now and then is OK as long as you are good between times. I've even reduced my sugar intake in coffee from one heaped teaspoon to a level one. My quack thinks that will be beneficial and that moderating the regular intake will counter the odd bag of naughtiness.

    But I am partial to a nibble on something sweet, has to be said. 😇
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    Good news about your cholesterol levels etc, and you'll know now to give the sugar and sweets a swerve a day or two before your next blood test.
    Sound advice from your quack about moderating your regular sugar intake in coffee countering the odd packet of sweets.
    We all need a treat now and then. There was an old music hall song by Marie Lloyd, that they used to sing on 'The Good Old Days': 'A little of what you fancy does you good!'🤣🤣🤣
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    @Tommysgirl @retrotecchie

    I think the blood test for Diabetes measures a blood marker that indicates long term sugar levels, and not short term ones. But do your own research.

    But here's a starter from Diabetes IK.

    An HbA1c test is the main blood test used to diagnose diabetes. It tests your average blood sugar levels for the last two to three months. You don't need to prepare for a HbA1c . It's a quick and simple test where a small amount of blood is taken from a vein in your arm.
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