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    Appalling story about EoN's negligent behaviour towards a customer by Anna Timms in Guardian today (Consumer rights) 26th July which exposes EON's actual beavhours towards a mother who was forced to leave her tenancy because she was paying a previous tenants £2000 debt every time she fed a meter. This was fespite an Ombudsman ordering EoN to refund the woman which they ignored. Only whjen the press got involved did EoN do anything and then the poor woman did not get all she paid out or her losses back for being forced to move out for 7 months.

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    It’s an appalling tale but one all too believable to those of us that have loitered here a long time. We’ve been told in the past that there are no supervisors or managers to complain to as all advisors are equally trained and able to resolve problems. On the evidence available from this case some rethinking is clearly overdue.
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    Hey @RosieBrock 😊

    Hannah here 👋 - thanks for sharing that, that poor family 😢. It's really important for us to recognise and actually see the downfalls so we can work to make our experiences better. @meldrewreborn is exactly right with our Complaints Process - all of our Energy Specialists have been through complex complaints training, so every complaint can be dealt with by whoever you speak to 😊. Talking to a manager will be no different, we all have the same training 😊 and we have dedicated complaints teams made up of Energy Specialists (for if times get really tough!).

    If you're ever in a situation whereby you are unhappy and like to make a complaint, please contact us so we can work with you to make things better as soon as 🤗.
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    There's an old saying "the proof of the pudding is in the eating".. Evidence suggests that despite every energy specialist being given the same training, many are not able to grasp the essential features of a customers issues and deal with them properly.

    All school children in a class get the same teaching. Do they all perform equally well, or as as well as the best? Of course not. Eon Next languishes in the lower reaches of customer satisfaction surveys, and perhaps its this flawed notion that everyone can sort out every issue, equally well that is the fundamental reason for that. I applaud you for giving us the "company line" but forgive me if I don't swallow it.
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    Hello @meldrewreborn it's been a while! I hope you're well! 😊

    I love your take on this and your enthusiasm and passion for great customer service which we all strive for here.

    We're all Digi Energy Specialist at heart and stand united with this but you're quite right we do all have different skill sets and I don't think you can put everyone in the same box and your example with school children is spot on.

    We're always evolving and making sure we're dong the right things for our customers and we pride ourselves in making sure we have the right people with the right passion to excel in their job.

    It would be really great to do some comparisons on customer service in the beginning and where we are now as we've reviewed and changed many things, often on the back of you lovely forum members letting us know how we can make things better. There are lots of exciting things and changes happening and I'm super excited to see the future of Next.

    We've not always got things right and we do appreciate your feedback and excited to see how far we've come. 😀
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