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    So this week adding battery storage to our 11 year old panels ,we are also changing our old inverter.I spoke and emailed eon (fit payments) who confirmed there will be no problem as long as we send photos of new set up and wiring to our fit payments.I have noticed on other sites this may not be the case .changing to GivEnergy 8.2 battery and gen 3 giv energy hybrid inverter from Solax v1 .can people confirm what eon saying is right?
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    From my experience, as long as the 'new' system is fully documented and signed off by an MCS certified installer, there should be no real problems. As the panels are staying the same, the overall generation capacity of the system will essentially remain unchanged so should not affect FIT even though the system itself may be a little more efficient.

    Slightly different for SEG as that entirely depends on metered export.

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    Hi @Vincent2319 When you make changes to a solar system these changes just need to be like for like. If anything was to increase the capacity of your system, then this is where there potentially could be an issue.

    The battery side of things, you will need to submit a schematic diagram to the FIT Team, dont worry, your installer will supply you with this. The team will then ask you to sign a declaration about the batteries.

    The work that is being carried out, this must be carried out by an MCS accredited installer, with any changes to the inverter being like for like, I appreciate the inverter going in is going to be more efficient than the original. This is quite a common change for solar systems in my experience.

    Have you spoken to the Feed in Tariff team about these changes? or was it our general customer service team you spoke to?
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    HI Mate ,

    thanks for that ,its the same answer i got from eon themselves. i get my fit from eon but use another company for electric and gas,my next issue is which tariff to go on after this is all sorted. i have also had people saying something about ac and dc issues so new inverter will cause problems
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    @Vincent2319 The AC and DC issues might be worth checking in with the installer, then making a decision from there. Do you have the choice of 1 particular inverter or choice of many?