Joint SEG & Fit system, is is possible & how, & is it even allowed.

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    Hi, to explain, we have free rent a roof, 3.6kw roof panels system on since 2015, we can use all electric generated for free, but any surplus goes to grid, & THEY GET THE FIT money. They have a wireless meter in the attic which transmits to them what is generated by their panels, & has a mains cable to the house mains input grid supply.

    We are not allowed to touch their system. Theirs is now old & poor but as we cannot touch old system, so we have had new TOTALLY separate 3.2kw system put in. & 10kw battery. Our system also has its own meter, & a mains cable run back to the grid.
    My new system new inverter is a growwatt 3.6 hybrid, & it shows what is being generated, & exported, & then it goes into its own meter, & then back to the grid.

    We find on a sunny day, OUR NEW system generate's a lot of surplus on a sunny day.

    How can I claim a SEG, which will NOT AFFECT the export of the old system & their FIT.

    It seems to me, I would need a mains grid house input meter capable of reading TWO setback grid feedbacks.

    I also I don't know, if its possible to even claim SEG, if a FIT is also being claimed.

    The other people are on a very high FIT feed in tariff since its from 2014, so they will not change from that. Can anyone please advise.
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    FIT and SEG are administered on a 'per system' basis and you can have multiple systems at the same physical location or owned by the same entity.

    As long as each system has a separate MPRN for each export meter, no problem.

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    I think this is one for @PeterT_EONNext.
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    Hey @StanMan welcome to the community 👋

    I have asked for some further clarification from a colleague on this once I have a response I'll let you know. Just to clarify you have both the old and new systems still in place and you are the owner of the new system is that correct?
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    Thanks for sharing @retrotecchie, I just want to double check if there are any restrictions on our side so I have passed this over for some further advice 😊
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    @DebF_EONNext You're absolutely right with what you have said above. Each system is installed to a specific MPAN. Any new Solar system would need to be installed to a new MPAN. In this case the site would require 2 MPRN's at the property. If you have any other questions about FIT/SEG pop me a message. Thanks, Lee
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