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    Three weeks this has been going on can Eon state why that any payments made from 23/2/23 by card are showing as pending affecting thousands of customers has not been informed to their customers. I told you this from day one. Numerous emails and I mean a lot and calls to Eon as I have two pending payments, I have had to send in details of payments to them from my bank to state I have paid when really it's Eon side and that the technical team are looking into. Come on it's been three weeks surely someone can sort this out you obviously haven't got a very good technical team. Was told on Friday it's affected 9 thousand customers plus but no apologies or any generic emails to customers and it's due to a swap in the payment system your side I'm showing in debit and I should be in credit as I've paid the bill twice. Come on Eon it's about time this is sorted fed up of the calls and emails now and noone feeds back unless I chase up. Promised today that Mohamed would come back to me with updates and also Louise from team A but we'll see . Would love to hear anyone's else who has had this problem. No need for me to ring as I've spoke to everyone going next step Martin Lewis.
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    Hey @JueJue1969,

    I've taken a quick look at your account and it looks like the payments have cleared. I am going to pop you a DM so I can take a few more details from you just to be sure and see if we can get this resolved for you 😊
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