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    So I moved into a new flat the other day. The estate agent gave me a key for the prepayment meter. I'd never had one of these before so I wasn't into the idea after the bad press recently. I put £20 in the shop and went to put my first bit of credit on the meter. Put the key in and nothing happened, no credit registered. I spent an hour on the phone and got a code to go and get a new key. Tried that, nothing happened. Had to take the whole next day off work speaking on the phone, mostly being on hold, going up and down to the shop getting new codes. That's over a hundred quid lost. At 5.15 pm the person on the phone said, "well if you're still in the same situation tomorrow, we'll have to get the prepayment meter specialists to look at it", after a whole day trying to sort it out. Now I have 2p on the meter and can't cook, heat any water for washing myself or the dishes, and can't heat the flat even though it's still winter. Thanks Eon.
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    @georgerufuskirk Anasa here 👋 I'm so sorry to hear that you had some trouble with your meter when you moved in. I can see that you've been in touch with a Digi Specialist and the issues seems to be that the credit is going onto the meter so you won't run out of energy its just not showing you the new credit balance.

    Have you been given a resolution for this yet? It would be great if you could pop back and let us know. Also if nothing is being done please get in touch so we can chase this up for you, from what I can see it is being looked at for you.
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    Do you think the agent was a fault in giving you the incorrect key?

    There are a great many problems when people move into a prepayment property in the initial days - particularly if the system is new to them.

    Your money though has been going onto a key and hopefully you'll be able to get that back once this is sorted out.

    An email with "new occupant needs new PP key urgently" in the message title and all the relevant details in the message body will get you some joy. Did e.On Next customer service confirm that the supply is theirs, and not for another supplier.?
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    @georgerufuskirk Hello 👋, did you manage to get this all corrected? If you could update us, that would be great
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