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    After a SEVERAL of months of no problems with my IHD or the billing process, my IHD has suddenly stopped working. It is displaying ‘Waiting for current data’ time 0:00 and a flashing Wi-Fi connection.
    I have tried a reboot of the IHD several times and moved it to within centimetres of the electricity meter but this has not resolved the issue.
    What is my next step?
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    @LRHOver Anasa here 👋 I'm so sorry that you seem to be having quite a bit of trouble with your IHD meter what with the tariff update and now this. I'm not quite sure what's gone wrong here... your best bet would be to get in touch with one of our Digi Specialists who will be able to look deeper into your account for you.

    In the mean time I can have a look to see if there are any known issues 😊

    I know that you've tried to reset it it already but if you could try the following just in case:

    1. Unplug the IHD and stand in front of the Electricity smart meter (do not plug it in as the battery lasts up to 1 hour) then hold the same on/off button but let go as soon as you see the screen coming back to life (hold for too long and it will switch off again)

    2. Wait until it looks like it's fully reset or leave the IHD by the meter for up to 10 mins

    3.You can then return the IHD to where you had it and plug it in. (the Bluetooth type signal can reach up to 10 metres but thick walls reduce the distance)
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    I'm having exactly the same issue. Contacted EON Next support by email over a week and got a quick reply from "Sabrina" saying she would get back to me shortly.
    I haven't heard anything and tried EVERYTHING to get it working again without success.

    The Eon next faqs suggest it maybe an issue with DCC, the network company, but there is no known timeframe for fixing the issue.

    This simply isn't good enough. If EON Next can't sort the issue out I will switch to an energy supplier that can.

    Anyone else having these issues with their IHD that have been working flawlessly for years?