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    I have just bought a new build flat... middleton mews co70fz,

    to start Iam signing up with EON NEXT to get things going.I noticed the comms hub was showing no led for gas,all others were functioning so wan is working.The gas meter is outside,electric meter inside behind a well insulated wall and up a few stairs.My neighbors meter is also in my cupboard and also has no gas connection,I spoke to them about it and they knew that gas readings are not going to EON and have asked for an engineer to call.My guess is that a DBCH gas meter and coms hub should have been fitted and not std. smets2 meter.If EON do not fit a DBCH meter to my neighbors and ultimately myself too can I find another supplier that will fit a DBHC gas meter and comms hub?This being a brand new installation should not have been signed off as a fully functioning SMART metering system.

    ​​​​​​​regards Vin
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    The comms hub is part of the electricity meter fitting. The gas meter communicates every 30 min - or at least should - but the range is extremely limited.

    ​​​​​​​In a perfect world your position is correct - but I doubt you'll get this company to do anything about it. Their attitude is that if the gas meter is performing its primary function and is manually readable, they don't have to do anything.
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