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    Hi, I've had a faulty meter, first appointment EON no-showed so I've requested the compensation. New appointment arranged and the duration of arrival window is 8 hours not 4. I challenged that and the rep didn't understand, but seems to say that appointments must be 4 hrs at most.
    Can anyone confirm whether I have understood this correctly and if so is that just something to tack on to an existing complaint, or is that a second breach of guaranteed standards of service?
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    you are correct. under

    The Electricity and Gas (Standards of Performance) (Suppliers) Regulations 2015

    a 4 hour window is the maximum the supplier should offer.
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    Thanks for that, when challenged the rep claimed that
    In terms of our Standards of service we aim to offer you an appointment which is less than 4 hours long, the appointment window or time slot for the engineer to arrive can be anywhere from 4 hours to all day and does not constitute a breach if over 4 hours. I can see where you're coming from however, it constitutes a breach If the engineer took longer than 4 hours to complete the job once they arrive then you would be entitled to compensation
    Is he right or is it our interpretation that holds? Not to worry if you're unsure. :)