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    Hey all πŸ‘‹,

    I guess the title says it all really. We would love to hear your feedback.

    What can we do as an energy supplier to better support our customers this year? Is there something that you think we could do better or is there something you think we do well and would like to see us do more of?

    We love it when our customers give us feedback whether that is positive feedback or constructive feedback. We take all of it onboard as it shows us what we are doing right and lets us know the area's we need to improve in.

    We want to make sure we get it right for you so if there's something that you would like us to know let us hear it, we want to know it all. Lets drive change together as a Community!
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    There are several things that could be done and the first and most important is to get Customer Services a bit more up to speed. That means more staff, and better training for existing staff.

    Secondly, a bit more honesty and transparency would not go amiss. If you need to quote statistics, don't quote inaccurate or misleading ones.

    Case in point, your advertising for smart meters.

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    There are about 29 million installed smart meters, and almost five million are not working as smart meters. Thus, there are only about 24 million that anybody could possibly benefit from. Of those 24 million, I'm willing to bet that about a million or two have issues. IHD issues, incorrect tariff information, one meter or other not sending readings consistently or some other failure or problem.

    Thirdly, don't promote schemes or offers that are not 'universal' or need any particular eligibility.

    The most irritating one for me right now is on the Home Page of the E.On Next main site. Every time I log on, I'm given the same rolling advertisements, one of which is the Β£150 off a new boiler deal. When I log on, I want to go straight to my account, not have to click anything to get past the advertising to get to my account. Just to see how much cheaper a new boiler would cost me (with the Β£150 off) I followed the link. The second I stipulated I was not on mains gas, instead of an offer for a boiler, it changed to a quote for a heat pump. If I wanted a heat pump, I'd go looking for one. I certainly think the quote for over Β£12k for a system, after HMG's Β£5k incentive, not suitable for my property that will take over 20 years to pay for itself and cost more to run than my existing boiler was a bit of a laugh. Either specify from the get go 'a new GAS boiler', or stop showing the advert full stop. There are many different types of boilers and with the exception of electric ones, are often far more economical than gas ones.

    Similarly, the ECO scheme...how misleading and annoying was that?! The link only started working early in December for a scheme that closed to new applicants on 23/12/22. I applied, and was told I qualified....but you don't cover my area! When I asked why, I was told "we'll ask the right people and get back to you with a reason". Still waiting on an answer but nothing, and the scheme is no longer open.

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    You are eligible for funding but presently we don’t serve your area

    We don’t cover your postcode right now; however we’re always extending our reach and may be able to support your journey towards greener living in the future.

    Seems like this is, yet again, a postcode lottery!

    So, why is E.On Next able to supply me with electricity, take my payments and bill me for my energy, and then say they don't 'serve my area'?

    Supplier obligations are supplier obligations, surely? They should not be based in any way, shape or form on my geographical location.

    If such schemes do have regional limitations, state that up front before folks waste their time filling in the application.

    I'm still waiting to hear what my 'exclusive energy solution offers' are. No link to further information and no answer to my question on the subject.
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    All the staff who contribute to this forum are excellent, so keep up the good work.πŸ˜€πŸ‘
    I would like to see improvements in response times by Customer Services, on the phones, emails etc. I realise this will be difficult to achieve unless Eon-Next recruit more people, but it would be great for customers not to be held in a phone queue for over an hour, or to have a faster reply to email enquiries.πŸ˜ƒ
    An acceleration of Version 2 Smart Meter replacements for Version 1 meters which are no longer compliant would also be a good thing.πŸ‘
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    All the staff who contribute to this forum are excellent, so keep up the good work.πŸ˜€πŸ‘

    Not to mention some of the fabulous volunteers... @meldrewreborn, @Mailman , @theunknowntech and @JoeSoap to cite the obvious ones, plus yourself @Tommysgirl keeping spirits upπŸ‘
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    Not to mention some of the fabulous volunteers... @meldrewreborn, @Mailman , @theunknowntech and @JoeSoap to cite the obvious ones, plus yourself @Tommysgirl keeping spirits upπŸ‘
    Hear Hear! The "four wise men" are now "five": @retrotecchie; @meldrewreborn; @Mailman; @theunknowntech and @JoeSoap. All brilliant at advice and information. I'm glad I can keep spirits up, a small contribution, to say " Thanks to you all for the help and advice".πŸ˜ƒ
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    I pretty much just make the tea and sweep the floor, is all. Someone's got to do it...
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    And I just make a giant mess right after @retrotecchie cleans up. XD
    Just another guy passing by... The unknown tech way...
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    I Personally would like to get back to quarterly bills as these suit my finances better

    Stop ramming the lies about smart meters being good for the consumer down our throats

    Same with the "100% renewable electricity." (I know that price of electricity is linked to gas prices but we all know wind, sunshine and water as fuels cost nothing) (Also wood pellets are still dirty because the majority of them come from USA and Canada)

    We need a social tariff
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    @gbhxu Thanks for the feedback!

    I very much agree and we will pass this one 😊. I think a Social Tariff would be more than great - what are your ideas around that? Who's eligible etc?
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    Just a few quick ideas

    - Anyone on income related benefits (ESA, UC, Pension Credit, etc) or deemed to have a low income.


    Standing Charge
    include some electric

    Cost price
    block pricing e.g. 1st 100Kwh @ x pence, 2nd 100Kwh @ y pence, etc. So, the more you use the more you pay per unit

    Probably the best thing to do would be to renationalize the electricity business and run it as a Nonprofit Organization